It’s been a little while…

It’s been a little while…

… since my last post! Who would have thought that having a baby would mean so little time to update my blog?? Haha.

I’m just back from a lovely trip to South Devon with the family. 6 adults and 3 children in a house together, overlooking the gorgeous Devon coast. As much as it is true that it’s not a relaxing holiday when you have children in tow (this holiday was VERY different to the sleep-in-every-morning, boozing-every-night sort of trip that we’re used to!) it felt great to have an extra couple of pairs of hands to help change Baby B, sterilise bottles, wash up etc. Even just keep an eye on him whilst I had a long shower, or a hot (yes… HOT!) cup of tea!

It really is the little things that you miss!

I didn’t check my email when I was away, and put my Etsy shop on vacation mode (search for Two Little Bees to see my little business! I’ll do blog post on it soon…!). So it was nice to mentally switch off from that side of things for a little bit!

Anyway, now back to reality again. Well, after Bank Holiday Monday! We still have another day chilling as a family before Mr B goes back to work. So I guess I should join them on the sofa! AS of 1st September, expect lots more blog posts…!