Baby B milestones

Baby B’s milestones are going to be listed here (as and when I remember/time allows!) Hopefully this will make up a nice list of firsts for us to look back on.

10th April – Baby B born
15th April – weighed at hospital… now up to 6lb 13oz
15th April – home from hospital
21st April – first trip outside
27th April – umbilical stump fell off
28th April – registered birth
5th May – cried with tears (broke my heart, this one)
5th May – first trip on the bus
7th May – weighed by health visitor… now up to 8lb 12oz!
24th July – sand under his feet for the first time (at Baby Explorers)
9th August – rolls over for the first time!
5th September – started the weaning adventure
30th September – teeth are coming through !
18th October – started crawling!
14th November – starts clapping!
16th January – first steps
7th February – properly walking

30th March – starts dancing