Getting Straight Teeth is Simple

Getting Straight Teeth is Simple

People of all ages suffer from crooked teeth, and whether you decide to do something about it when you are a teenager or a fully grown adult, straightening your teeth is easy for you to do. Getting braces in Kings Hill will change your life, and you will never hate what you see in the mirror again. Having straight teeth can complete your face as well as make your smile dazzle.

Whether you have several gaps in your teeth that you want to close or crooked incisors that need pulling back into shape, there is a treatment for you. If you are unsure of what direction to take, then it is a good idea to book an examination with your dental professional as they will be able to assess the condition of your teeth and explain what treatment or treatments you are likely to need.

What kind of treatment will you need?

What type of appliance you need will be affected by what your tooth problems are. If your jaw needs realigning, you will need a different type of brace compared to someone who simply needs a few teeth straightening up. In some cases, you will need to have your jaw aligned before undergoing any straightening treatment.

If your mouth is overcrowded, you may well have to have some teeth removed to ensure that there is enough room for the rest of your teeth to move into their new straight positions. Overcrowding can cause all sorts of dental problems, so if you know you suffer with this it is a good idea to discuss your issues with your dental practitioner sooner rather than later.

You could need the type of appliance that fits nicely along the inside of your teeth, out of sight from other people, or you could end up having a more traditional appliance fitted. Some people who want

to be discreet when it comes to straightening their teeth will opt for Invisalign treatment, which is a completely clear appliance that fits over the teeth and can be removed easily for brushing and eating.

What will the treatment involve?

Your treatment will last on average around two years, but this will vary between patients. Everybody’s teeth are unique so the treatment they require is unique as well. You can expect to have multiple appointments with your dental professional, as they will need to monitor the progress of the treatment and ensure that you are happy and not experiencing any problems.

Depending on what type of appliance you have, you may need to have it tightened every now and then to gradually move your teeth into their new positions. If you have a treatment such as Invisalign then you will need to make sure that you are wearing your next set of aligners every two weeks.

After you have undergone straightening treatment you will more than likely be required to wear a retainer. Most people are advised to wear it solidly for six months after receiving treatment to keep their teeth in the new position. After the six months have passed you may be able to just wear your retainer at night for a few more months. In some cases, potentially you will need to wear your retainer for years or even the rest of your life, but having the straight smile you sought after makes it all worth it.