Avon | gifts & gadgets

Going through the latest couple of Avon brochures, I’ve picked out a few of my favourite gifts and gadgets that are available!

gadgetsPortable charger

(current brochure price, £8)

Handy little gadget if you – like me – are prone to leaving the house without a fully charged phone.  It drives my husband mad!

You plug this into your computer to charge it up and then, when it’s charged, just pop it in your bag and away you go!  You will need to make sure you also have a USB cable that fits your phone (if it’s micro USB then – happy days – you’re fine because this comes with that).  If not, you can get spares from eBay and they don’t take up much room in your bag.  It  holds enough power for one full charge for most mobile phones, which is pretty cool.  It’s in my bag right now!


Bluetooth headphones
(current brochure price, £18)

Great headphones for you to listen to music without any of those pesky wires getting in the way!

With these wireless headphones, you can connect to any phone via Bluetooth to play music or answer calls.

There are controls on the side of the headphones for function and volume, and they are charged up via USB connection.



Clock With Speakers
(current brochure price, £10)

Plastic colour-changing clock with speakers, phone stand, message board and pen.  Just pop your phone or MP3 player (does anyone listen to music on an MP3 player anymore?  I have no idea…) on top, and let the music fill the room!

You can write a message on the board too… maybe a sweet I love you message, or perhaps “it’s your turn to make the brew!”

You can order any of these products online through the Avon shop, or order through my online brochure and I’ll post it to your door (delivery is FREE when you spend over £15, and just £3 for any orders under that)

Prices are correct at time of posting; prices can vary on the website, and brochure.