Small Business Showcase | Choccydoodle

Small Business Showcase | Choccydoodle


ChoccyDoodle is the place to go for all things chocolate!  Set up by Kayleigh Smith in early 2015, she has created a range of delicious bespoke  chocolate barks, lollipops and chocolate gifts.  Perfect for birthday, Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day (or any other time you fancy a chocolate treat!)

Kayleigh says “I started ChoccyDoodle as I was looking for a hobby that I could develop and turn into something long term.  Looking into the future and for when we begin a family I wanted something I felt passionate enough about to turn into a career in case I chose not to go back to the long commute and stress of London working!”

“I have a passion for food and love to bake!  I originally thought about cakes, however there are so many competitors for baked goods around my area that I thought I would struggle.  I also needed something quick and managable that would be practical with young children and that’s when I thought Chocolate!  There are so many moulds and options for Chocolate and that’s when I fell in love with the idea and thought I can make this work!”

And so ChoccyDoodle was born!

“My dream by the end of 2016 is to be selling my product in at least 1 small business shop – perhaps a gift shop, cafe or florist – and I would have liked to have supplied favours for one big wedding”

Get in touch! | @choccy_doodle