Magic Ways to Make a Memorable Dinner Party

Dinner parties are the adult way of spending time with your friends. But just because they’re grown-up, it doesn’t mean they have to be boring.

You can still have plenty of fun with your dinner party if you’re prepared to get creative. Instead of sticking with the usual food choices and chat around the table, you can shake it up. If you want to create a memorable dinner party, you need to put in some more effort to prepare everything. When the party gets started, you need to pay full attention to your guests. So the preparation is everything when it comes to creating a night that no one will forget.

Choose the Right Guests
Your first ingredient for an awesome dinner party is to invite the right people. This step is pretty straightforward if you have a ready-made group of friends you want to ask. However, if you’re going to mix social groups, you have to choose people carefully. You might want to invite some friends from work and some from your running group. You might want to invite some of your friends and some of your partner’s friends. Before you choose, you need to think about who’s going to get along. You can’t talk to everyone all night, so they have to get to know each other too.

Photo by jill111
Offer Something Special to Drink
When everyone comes through the door, think about having more to offer than the usual beer or wine. While it’s good to have them as staples, maybe your guests would like something different. You could consider making some cocktails, or just having a range of drinks for everyone to choose from. Of course, make sure you have some non-alcoholic options for anyone not drinking. Even if you’re all drinking wine all night, you need water on the table too.

Set Your Table to Stun
Not everyone puts a lot of thought into decorating when they have a dinner party. But putting that extra effort in can really leave an impression. Come up with a theme you can follow, perhaps reflecting your food choices. You can start with hotel quality tablecloths, followed by some beautiful place settings. Choose plates and bowls that are decorative, as well as functional. Don’t forget to add some items like candlesticks or flowers to add a wow factor your table.

Choose Simple But Effective Food
Selecting your dinner party menu can be the most difficult part of planning the evening. You don’t want anything you have to attend to all evening. But you don’t want anything too simple and boring. When you’re trying to think of dishes, choose something you can cook slowly and take out at the last minute. Don’t pick anything you need to watch like a hawk. You should also consider choosing sharing foods. They make everything more sociable to add to the dinner party atmosphere.

If you want your dinner party to be memorable, start thinking a little outside the box. But don’t do anything too out there – you need to keep things relaxed!