Holidays Are Coming (Again)! Gift Ideas For The Man In The Household

Holidays Are Coming (Again)! Gift Ideas For The Man In The Household

It’s that time of year again! Christmas is on the horizon. Anticipation is high for what song will be on the John Lewis ad, and The Truck!

And with the truck comes the song you won’t get out of your head, probably because the kids will sing it incessantly! And with it all comes a feeling of blind panic. You know what the kids want because they’ve put it all down in a neat little list to Santa. But what can you buy your partner? Smellies again? Beer again? It’s at this point you regret not starting to make notes earlier in the year. But fear not! I’ve got a little cheat sheet here for gift ideas for the man in your life. Some quirky gifts, some essentials, and somewhere you can slowly give them a hint to get into the kitchen.

He’s A Complete Mug…

It may sound like a pointless gift, but we all have our preferred cups to drink our tea out of. Some people like china mugs and some prefer a massive sized mug for their pint of tea. I know someone who has an extensive collection of Beatles mugs, and they are his pride and joy. A mug can say a lot about someone. So, investing in a man mug, you can’t go far wrong! These mugs have little sayings on it, from the wise (“Fortune favours the brave”) to the ridiculous (“Don’t go bacon my heart, I couldn’t if I fried”!), so you can find one that is suitable to your man’s style.


Sharp As A Razor…


A common everyday struggle for mankind is razor burn and ingrowing hairs. The Merkur Safety Razor is a complete upgrade in shaving technology from the standard five blade efforts that we see nowadays. It cuts the facial hair at the surface, not just below the skin surface. As a result, burns and bumps are less likely to cause irritation. As well as this, the blades are recyclable. So you’re doing mother nature a favour too!

Book Some Time Off..


Man reading at Coffee shop, Cardiff


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A good book can be something your man may turn his nose up at or be incredibly grateful for the time to sit in the pub with a pint and a riveting story. My man likes a good rock autobiography, and the latest one by former New Order bassist Peter Hook documents his time in the band following the death of their singer in their previous band and how they carried on before inter-band tensions caused him to leave. Expect a lot of drama behind the rock n’roll excesses!

Cooking Up A Storm…


With the popularity of Saturday Kitchen, Masterchef, The Great British Bake Off, etc (the list goes on), making food has never been more attractive! What better way is there for him to make his stamp in the kitchen than by having a personalised chopping board? You can get a personalised chopping board from as little as £20.00 online which wouldn’t look out of place in a modern kitchen.