Best Friends Bing & Sula | Toy Review

Best Friends Bing & Sula | Toy Review

My little boy loves Bing. He is such a cute little bunny (a total toddler who doesn’t listen, of course – and I do question some of Flop’s parenting techniques, but that’s by the by…). We were offered the chance to review the new Best friends Bing & Sula toy.

Best Friends Bing & SulaThese lovely characters are best friends in the show, so it’s great that they have been put together as a duo in this set.  It comes in a lovely sturdy box, with not too much packaging holding them in (just a little cord each) which would be a godsend on Christmas day when the kids are desperate to play with the toys but you have to get scissors, pliers, batteries… a screwdriver!  None of that here (thankfully!).  And batteries too!  YES!

They are high quality plush toys, and quite large too – standing at about 10 inches.  The recommended age is 2yrs and over, which is great for my little boy.  They are a great size for little ones to cuddle.

They work independently, as well as together.  You just put their hands together and they connect magnetically.  Both characters have an adorable sideways glance at each other.  You can just imagine the mischief they’ll get up to!

They know when they are close to each other, when they are connected, and when they are far away; what phrases they say   They ask where the other one is, and ask you to press the other ones tummy, which is so cute.  They sing songs (the classic Rainybow song, which all lovers of Bing – and parents! – will be familiar with).  There are over 100 phrases… I’m pretty sure we haven’t heard them all yet!  The volume isn’t too loud, which is good. The off switch (very important!) is in the back, on the battery pack (3x AAA batteries each needed)Best Friends Bing & Sula

It’s a toy that will grow with the child.  It’s definitely one that Little B will get more out of the older he gets.  Right now, he’s more mesmerised and loves cuddling Bing.  As he gets older, he will enjoy singing along to the songs, and might even get the jokes.

I would definitely recommend this toy to any Bing fans.  There are plenty of deals on at the moment, where you can get it on special offer (as is always the way around Christmas time), so have a shop around.  It’s great value for money as you get 2 large speaking toys!

Putting a smile on Little B’s face – it’s a Bing thing (and a mummy thing too :))

** Best Friends Bing & Sula were kindly sent to me for review **