How to Get Paid to Travel

How to Get Paid to Travel

Living abroad is a dream for many.  Imagine the sitting outside of a cafe in Paris, looking très chic and watching the world go by.  Or looking out of your apartment window in Barcelona, gazing out to the Balearic Sea.  You can easily make this dream a reality (even in these post-“Brexit” times).  Living abroad can help you to find your life’s passions; not to mention earning money.

So how can you get paid to travel?  Here are a few options which you can consider:


Teach English as a Foreign Language

If you’re looking at a new career, teaching English as a Foreign language can be a great option.  And it’s certainly not as complex to get into as you might think; it’s one of the best ways to build your career skills.

You can get TEFL certified in order to start teaching abroad.  Specialist knowledge is required in order to teach English to non-native speakers, all of which are taught on the TEFL course.  Hard work and dedication are most certainly required for the intense 4-week long course.

You can take your training and teach anywhere in the world!  Whilst you’re teaching, you will also be learning about life, other cultures and gaining rich experiences that cannot be matched.

Start a blog

blog You can start a blog about anything; it doesn’t have to be about travel.  Although, if you’re travelling, you have ready-made blog posts just waiting to come out!  You can keep people at home updated on your latest adventures, whilst earning an income from affiliate links and advertising.  This is a long-haul option though; very few people make a large amount of money quickly from a blog.  So be prepared to travel on a budget to begin with if this is your plan!  Or wait until you are making a steady income from your blog before you head off!

Become a tour guide

There are lots of companies looking for English-speaking guides.  Use your local knowledge and get paid to guide people around and teach them about the town/country.  There are plenty of ways to get into this, but you should be prepared to work hard and be constantly learning; you never know what questions are going to be thrown your way!

Work on a cruise ship

cruise Cruise ships are always looking for people with different levels of experience; cleaners, wait staff, entertainment staff.  It’s a great way to save money as your expenses are minimal.  What a fantastic way to see the world too; from the luxurious surroundings of a cruise ship!

Become an Au Pair

If you like working with kids, then becoming an Au Pair would be a good option.  This one is particularly good if you are looking to stay in one place for an extended period of time; it’s not really something that would be suitable if you wanted to travel to a different part of the country every week.  You would be welcomed into a family, and expected to work hard; it will provide you with a place to stay, a family and new experiences.

And remember, one of the perks of working abroad is that most countries’ tax systems offer tax-free eligibility for income earned overseas.