2 Extracurricular Activities That Will Benefit Your Kids!

2 Extracurricular Activities That Will Benefit Your Kids!

As parents, we have a responsibility to make sure our kids are constantly developing and growing up as they make their way through life. For me, a big part of their development is the extracurricular activities they do outside of school.


Naturally, there are plenty activities they can do, but I’ve narrowed it down to two that will benefit them the most. Take a look at them here:

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Learn To Play The Piano

Now, learning any instrument is a great way for your kids to use up some of their time outside of school. By learning an instrument, they will develop so many essential skills that will help them through the rest of their school life. It will teach them how to memorise things and take in information, as well as helping with their motor skills too. Plus, it’s just a great hobby to have and will get them away from the computer or TV for a few hours every week.


There are many instruments your kids could learn, but I think the best one is the piano. Musicians often say it’s the best instrument as learning piano means you learn sheet music which you can use to learn other instruments. So, you better start your search for a piano that your kids can use to practice at home.

If budget is limited, you could consider looking into the best digital pianos on the market. These are a lot cheaper to buy and maintain than an acoustic piano. (Although if you  look, there are often lots of used acoustic pianos out there that you can snap up for a bargain). Always make sure you find a piano tuner too if you’re buying a second hand one. The last thing you want is to hear your kids playing an out of tune piano for hours a day!


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Join A Sports Team

The second extracurricular activity your kids should do revolves around playing sport. More specifically, they should join a team of sorts. By doing this, they will see so many benefits that will serve them well throughout their school years. Playing sports keeps them fit which will ensure your kids stay healthy. Plus, team sports help them develop lots of social and teamworking skills too. To make things even better, joining a team is a great way for your children to find new friends. So, if your child is struggling to make friends at school, get them to join a sports team, and they’ll have a much better chance of finding friends.


Generally speaking, getting your kids to play any sport will benefit them. However, I think playing a team sport is better as you get all the added benefits of the team environment. Also, it makes things easier from a parent’s perspective too. You have other parents from other kids on the team, and you can start making friends with them and sharing lifts to and from training, etc. There is no team sport that’s necessarily the ‘perfect’ sport for your kids to play. Football is always popular as there are loads of teams around and it’s relatively safe when compared to some other sports like rugby. Ultimately, you should get your kids to try out multiple team sports and let them decide which one is best for them.


Both these activities will ensure your kids learn new skills and develop into more intelligent and healthier children.