When To Replace Your Appliances

Replacing your appliances can sound pretty tiresome. After all, they are expensive, and a lot of the time you can’t install them yourself. That means you have to pay for somebody to come and do it for you too. However, ensuring you replace them at the right time is important. If you don’t, your appliance could be costing you even more money because of all of the energy it’s using. Plus, it could completely break, leaving you with an emergency on your hands! Just make sure you check your warranty first, as you may still have time left on it that will allow you to get parts and things for free. Here’s when to replace your appliances:

Safety Concerns
If you have safety concerns when it comes to your appliances, then it’s definitely time to replace. After all, you don’t want to put yourself or your family at risk. We’ve all read horror stories in the paper about microwaves blowing up and ovens setting on fire, so make sure you are confident that your appliances are safe. Bear in mind the longer you have them, the more chance you have of experiencing a problem. That doesn’t mean you should expect your microwave to blow up after 5 years, but you should make sure you’re vigilant.

When Repairs Are Costing More Than A New Appliance
If you end up spending more on an appliance to repair it when you could just replace it, start looking at new items. Take a look at the infographic below to see if you need to replace your HVAC:

Credit: Home Comfort USA