Boredom-Killing Days Out For The Kids

Boredom-Killing Days Out For The Kids

With the holidays rolling around once again, the kids are at home and in desperate need of entertainment. But what can they do? It’s a perennial problem of parents up and down the country.


Not to worry: here are some ideas that’ll kill your kids’ boredom and entertain them while they’re on a break.

Visit The History Museum

Older kids might turn their nose up at a trip to the museum, but for younger children, it can be an awe-inspiring experience. At the Natural History Museum in London – the great grandfather of practically every museum in the country – kids can experience natural history at its finest. Not only can they stare into the eyes of the long-extinct Dodo, but they can also marvel at the enormous size of dinosaur skeletons, recreated in the museum’s foyer and dinosaur section.



The museum is also changing the way it operates to make itself more family-friendly. This year, it’s opened the hilariously named T-Rex Grill, an eatery where you and your little ones can tuck into steak and pizza.


Take A Trip To A Castle

Castles have been an important part of the British landscape since the Norman conquest nearly a thousand years ago. Originally castles were simple defensive structures, but as the centuries passed, they began to double up as dwellings. In the height of the castle age, around the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, castles were the luxury cribs of their era, offering the finest living in the land – unless you were locked away in the dungeon.



There are dozens of castles to choose from, all over the country. But Warwick castle is among the most impressive. Not only are there castle walls and an impressive keep, but there are also mazes and time travel challenges, all of which are designed to entertain kids.


Try Your Hand At Racing



With the summer well on the way and the weather getting warmer, perhaps it’s time for your young ones to start getting some driving practice before they become teenagers. There are all sorts of go-karting outlets, like Lakeside Karting, dotted around the country. These outlets all emphasize safety as well as fun, and provide kids with an entirely new experience. Who knows, your child could be the next David Coulthard.


Learn About Our Industrial History

Britain was the first place in the world to industrialize. As a result, the country gained enormous wealth and ultimately ended up dominating the world. That entire process can all be traced back to Ironbridge Gorge, an area in which the first industrialists set up and began the process of emancipating Britain from its medieval poverty.



These days, Ironbridge is a massive tourist attractive. Not only does it play host to the country’s first iron bridge, but it also has a living museum – Blists Hill Victorian Town – staffed by actors, living out the lives of Victorian peasants. There’s also a fairground, a sweet shop selling traditional Victorian sweets and horse cart rides.

Ironbridge is great for all age groups, but best suited to children of school age.