Making Your Home More Energy Efficient

Making Your Home More Energy Efficient

There’s a lot to be said for having an energy efficient home, simply because it benefits everyone. Have an energy efficient home and you’ll save money on your bills and you’ll be doing your bit for the environment. It’s win-win is what we say! But aside from thinking twice about putting the heating on and limiting the amount of water you use, how exactly do you make your home more eco-friendly? It starts with the home itself. Get that right and you’ll effortlessly be using less energy. Here are few tips that’ll make the earth and your wallet happier.


Keeping the Heat In


No one expects you to go cold during the frigid winter months, so simply not using your central heating isn’t really an option. However, you can make your central heating work better than it might currently be working. How? By making sure your home is well insulated and doesn’t lose heat just because it can get out of your home. You already know just how expensive central heating can be to run – you don’t want to spend any money heating the outside of your house! There are schemes available to get your home insulated for free or minimal costs, so look at getting it installed.


Look At Your Windows


The only thing that most people notice about their windows is whether they’re clean or not, but they can also be a source of lost heat. If your current ones are old, look at replacing your windows to ones that are more efficient at keeping your temperature regulated. Window technology has come on a lot in recent years, and if yours are outdated then you might be spending a lot more money than you’d like.


Making Your Own Energy


You might have noticed how some houses in the UK have their own solar panels installed and wondered if you could also have them in your home. And the answer is, yes you can! There are plenty of great benefits to having solar panels installed on your property, but the main two are that you’ll be producing your own energy and doing your bit for the planet. There is a start up cost that can cause some people to think twice about getting them, but don’t give up on the idea straight away. You’ll see a big reduction in your energy bills, which means the panels will eventually pay for themselves, and as you’re an energy producer you can even sell the excess energy you panels produce!


Make the Most of Modern Appliances


Rather than just using your energy sapping appliances less, it could be a good idea to have a look to see which of your appliances could do with being replaced. Technology is always improving and whatever appliance you’re looking for there’ll be an energy efficient version available for purchase. Like most other aspects of making your home eco-friendly, this enables you to do your bit for the planet and cut down the cost of your energy bills (and also buy shiny new products!).