Throw An Amazing Birthday Bash Within Your Budget

Throw An Amazing Birthday Bash Within Your Budget

Birthdays are great when you’re a child. All the presents are for you, everyone’s attention is on you, and all the day’s activities have been chosen by you. It wasn’t until you became a parent and had to fund your own child’s birthday parties that you realised how expensive and out of control they could get. Thankfully, there are ways to balance your budget and your desire to give your child the best birthday party they could ever ask for – until the next one comes around anyway.

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Start Early

Avoid overspending on the small, but essential, things by buying them early. Balloons, plastic tableware, and cheap toys for party favour are available year-round, so you can buy those as early as possible. If you can afford to buy in bulk, set some aside for the next birthday party so you don’t have to spend as much.

You can also cut down the cost of booking fees on gymnastics studios, dance halls, or your local church hall by not leaving the booking until the last minute.

Shop Cheap

You can save yourself the hassle of running up and down the high street looking for good deals by searching for the majority of things online. Themed tableware, party favours, and decorations are often cheaper online, and you run less risk of the items being out of stock. You can also easily find some candy in bulk to fill up a piñata online.

Once your online shop has  ticked most of the things off your list, you should start looking in dollar stores and thrift shops for anything else you might need.  


If you’re really creative, most of the decorations can be done by hand, saving you a few pennies here and there. Making the invitations by hand is a nice touch – although it would probably be even cheaper to send out digital invites. On the day itself, you can set up a little craft table for your child’s friends, in lieu of sending them home with a goodie bag. Last, but not least, you can keep the cake simple and make it yourself. It doesn’t need to be in the shape of their favourite comic book hero. As long as it’s their favorite flavor, your child will love it.

Have Only One Attraction

Of course, birthday parties don’t necessarily need an entertainment act. There a plenty of party games you can get everyone involved in to ensure they all have a great time. But if there’s money in the budget, limit the entertainment to only one attraction. Amateur magicians or  jumping castles don’t cost much, and they will keep the kids sufficiently entertained.

Keep It Simple

Do you remember your own birthday parties? All you were really excited about was opening presents and blowing out your candles. It’s great that you want to make the day memorable, but chances are your child will be happy just by blowing out their birthday candles and having an amazing day with their friends.