A Fantastic Family Bathroom On A Budget?

A Fantastic Family Bathroom On A Budget?

Being a Mum you have to learn to juggle a range of tasks every day, some even at the same time, and one of the most important skills you get from this is learning how to set and keep to a budget. This is such a fanatic skill to have because not only can you use it on everyday task but also for a bigger project such as home renovations. In particular doing up that bathroom, that has seen better days without breaking the bank. Read on to find out more.


The budget


So the number one task that you need to get done when embarking on this project is to draw up the budget. That means working out exactly what items you will need and work needs to be done and costing each thing independently. Then when you have all of the independent figures, you add it up so get an estimate of how much the project with cost in total.


The emergency fund


I say estimate because renovation rarely runs 100% smoothly and often go over time or budget, especially if you are having structural or installation work was done as well as just surface decoration. That mean you have to have a realistic view of what it could cost and not work to the minute margin as this will just set you up for failure.


In fact, it can really help when you are doing any renovation project to have a budget safety buffer. Which is some extra money not earmarked for anything that can be dipped into if things cost more than you first expected?


Just think, if you do this for your bathroom, and everything doe goes to plan you haven’t lost anything, and you will have some money left for on trend towels and decorative pieces.


Things to splurge on


Although you will mainly want to be saving money, there will be a few item that is worth spending a little more on, as to do so be a false economy.


These include the suite itself as it’s likely to be there a long time. It’s also a good idea to consider investing in shower screens instead of curtains when installing a new bathroom suite. This is because you cut out the problem of water on the floor and having a moldy curtain which is never a good thing.

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Of course, they are no totally maintenance free, and you can learn how to clean shower screens by clicking the link. Which mean they that e will give you years and years of good use.


Ways to cuts costs


Obviously, if there are any job that you can safely and competently do yourself, it is best to do so. As this can save you a lot of money and make renovating your families bathroom a lot more affordable.

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In particular, things likes regrouting the seal round the bath, or painting the walls can be successful DIY jobs. As can laying a simple lino or laminate floor or some of these decorative DIY projects to brighten up the bathroom walls.