Hot Kitchen Designs For Cutting-Edge Style

Hot Kitchen Designs For Cutting-Edge Style

Turning your house into a home takes style, personality and creativity. There is no better room to unleash your creative flair than in the kitchen, the most important room in your home for family life. If you are not the most creative person but still want to add some elegant and cutting edge style to your kitchen here are some of the top trends that professional designers are employing this year to deliver the dream kitchen.

The quartz worktop

In 2017 everyone is choosing the quartz worktop as opposed to laminate for a more stylised look as well as building a more durable kitchen. In fact our aesthetics have been very much driven by durability and performance of materials for some time. In 2017 it will only be more important as we all continue to watch the pennies without compromising on quality and style. Quartz has been joined by other natural stones as an option for surfaces and the natural look is a key style trend for this year.

The industrial kitchen

The industrial look kitchen has exploded in popularity over recent years and the trend is set to continue to inspire new kitchen design throughout 2017. To get the look you will need to strip back your kitchen to expose brick, pipes and metals for a rustic effect. Pair with stainless steel furniture, natural worktops and modern minimalist lighting for the perfect polished factory look.

Say goodbye to handles

Kitchens are going linear as the modern streamlined look hits our kitchens. This means kitchen cabinets are losing their handles as we all go high-tech with push sensitive cupboards and drawers and even kitchen sink taps get a smooth makeover for a sleek yet versatile finish.

Make it monochrome

Kitchens have always worked well in black and white with a few statement colours finding their way into our homes over recent years for a more personalised view. In 2017 the black and white will be joined by shades of grey for a simple, clean monochrome effect that enhances our natural, minimalist take on modern kitchen design. If you want to add colour to your kitchen then choose accessories and finishing touches to let your personality shine through.

Smart kitchens

Although design will be big on clean and simple lines this year, function will emphasise smarter, more versatile kitchens that exploit the technology that is now available for every element of your kitchen design. From refrigerators that help you plan your food shopping and prevent food waste to integrated music systems that will help you entertain in style. Even appliances have had a tech update with smart coffee machines that can be controlled from your phone for the perfect cappuccino on the go.

Home on the range

The traditional range cooker has become the must have appliance for any serious host. It is a mainstay of modern luxury kitchens combining our love for everything retro with the minimalism of today’s hot kitchen designs.