Penny-Pinching Tips To Help You Dress Your Kids On A Budget

Penny-Pinching Tips To Help You Dress Your Kids On A Budget

Ask any parent, and they will tell you that children can be very expensive. Especially when it comes to dressing them! Kids grow so quickly, it might seem like you are buying new clothes for your little ones every six months. How on earth is your bank balance meant to keep up with their growth spurts?!

You’ll be very glad to hear that you don’t have to break your bank balance just to keep clothes on your kids’ backs. As long as you know all the following great ideas, you will find that buying children’s clothes doesn’t always have to be so costly.


Get Hand-Me-Downs


If you have any friends or relatives who have children who are slightly older than yours, you might be able to get some second-hand clothes from them. This is especially useful when you have a baby or toddler in the family as they will be growing so quickly, any free clothes will be a godsend! Don’t be afraid to ask anyone whether they have hand-me-downs; after all, they will probably prefer passing them onto you than throwing them in the garbage!


Shop Around For The Best School Uniform Price


School uniforms can be extremely expensive! And it’s not as simple as just going out to buy it from your local shop. You need to measure your child for school uniform and then find a shop that has the right uniform for your kids’ school. The easiest way to find a shop that supplies it is to ask your school as they will probably have an official supplier. However, these can be quite expensive. It’ll work out much cheaper to buy it elsewhere. It’s a good idea to look online for other shops that sell school uniform, or you can ask your other mummy friends where they get theirs from.


Don’t Buy From Collections


When you are looking for new clothes in the shops, you will notice that kid’s clothes tend to be split up into different collections. These are sets of clothes that have been designed to go together, and parents are often persuaded in buying matching jumpers, T-shirts, and trousers. To make sure you don’t end up buying too many items, don’t even look at the collection’s section. Generally speaking, all shops show off their collections at the front of the store, so it’s a good idea to head straight to the back away from them!


Sell Old Clothes


One way to make a bit of extra cash to put towards new clothes for your kids is to sell old ones. You will get more money for adult clothes so you might want to try and sell your own old items as well. The best place to list any items for sale is on eBay, but there are also some very popular websites that specialize in selling clothes such as Vinted. All the money you make should go towards new clothes for your kids.


Make sure you don’t end up in the red after buying new clothes for your kids – just follow these tips!