Selling Up? Avoid These Hated Design Trends

Selling Up? Avoid These Hated Design Trends



Selling a house is a stressful time because the market is volatile and you want to make as much money as possible. Sadly, buyers get turned off by the smallest things and pull out, leaving you in the lurch. Thankfully, it is possible to avoid this as long as you give them what they want style-wise. Here, then, are the trends which the majority of house hunters hate. If you steer clear of the following, your chances of making a sale will go through the roof.


The All White Bathroom


White is a neutral colour and is handy for decorating, but it’s impossible to keep clean. One little mark and it sticks out like a sore thumb, which buyers can’t stand. Would you buy a house which you knew would cost you a fortune in cleaning supplies? The answer is no, but don’t fear because Drench is here to help with their range of bathroom essentials. Shops such as Argos and eBay are also great alternatives if their selection doesn’t float your boat. The trick is to mix white with dark colours and not to go overboard with bright shades. If the scheme isn’t in their image, it will turn them off more.


The Converted Garage


You have gone to the trouble to renovate the garage and turn it into an extra room. Surely it will add an extra £10,000 and the buyers will kneel at your feet in thanks? Apparently, that’s not the case because buyers want the garage to park their car. In this day and age, some houses don’t come with outside parking spaces, and some neighbourhoods are crime friendly. With a garage, it’s likely that a property will go for more because it’s a bonus. If not, there is always potential to turn it into whatever the buyer wants, but that is their decision.


The Carpeted Floors


Carpets are a thing of the past, at least whole rooms covered in carpets are. A modern homeowner may be partial to a shag pile, but they want the base of their floors to be hardwood. If not, most of them will settle for laminate flooring. The point is contemporary people want a home which reflects their wants and needs. Nowadays, that is a sleek and stylish property and not one that looks like it is from the 1960s. Carpet on stairs work, and the same goes for bedrooms, but elsewhere buyers prefer hardwood.


The Hot Tub/Pool Combo


The norm is that everyone wants a pool and a hot tub, or at least that’s how it is in the movies. However, there are lots of problems which come with owning one and buyers find them too much hassle. For example, pools are difficult to clean and maintain in the winter. So, why pay a fortune for a property with a pool when you can only use it in the summer? Also, both are safety hazards if the person or couple has small children.


Adding value to a property is the aim of the game, but how you do that is the key.