The ROI Of Financing Your Business

The ROI Of Financing Your Business

When you run a business or plan to launching one, it’s fair to say that there are inherent costs to your success. For instance, you’ll find that as an established business owner, it’s a lot easier to secure commercial loans than if you were new to the commercial world. Lenders need to be confident that your company is viable to accept your loan application. Ultimately, it reduces for them the risk of losing money in case you were to go bankrupt. Consequently, it’s easy to understand why the ability to demonstrate a history of positive business credit – aka your profits and losses for the previous years – can tip the scale in your favor.

But what happens when your business can’t get a commercial loan – either because lenders are not convinced by your idea or because you already have too many loans? When this happens, you need to find alternative ways of financing your business plan. More importantly, while there is a variety of options available, as an entrepreneur you need to consider the return on investments of your financial strategy.

Turn business investment into business wins!


Your business is already running

The easiest and preferred solution in commercial finance is when your business is already successfully running. When this is the case, you can ditch the commercial loan idea and instead decide to maximize your cash flow by investing them back into your business presence. You will be able to calculate the return on your investments easily, as everything runs under one roof: You can see how much you’re spending and how much you’re making. The key is to spend money to generate more money. With an established business, you can expect short and medium-term positive ROI, if your strategy is effective. For instance, hiring a PR firm can be an expensive move at first, but if you pick a quality partner, you can expect a boost in reputation and ultimately new clients.


When you’ve got a great idea without backup

When you’re at the beginning of your commercial journey, and you haven’t yet figured out what a business plan and a business forecast are, it’s fair to say that the only loans available are guarantor loans from Buddy Loans. These are the preferred option for solo-entrepreneurs and home-based companies, who can use the money to explore their market ahead of a business pitch. A lot of entrepreneurs struggle to find investors because they lack market understanding, and consequently are not able to explain why their ideas are sustainable. The ROI of using guarantor loans can be positive when it provides the backup material for future growth. However, you need to treat the loan as your research funding.


When you’ve done your research for your new business

Finding investors for your business requires in-depth market analysis to know your competitors, and psychological skills to build an emotional hook with your audience. You can learn from the pitches of international companies such as Facebook, Airbnb, or even LinkedIn. Their pitch material was time-demanding, but the long-term ROI outperforms the cost of preliminary research and analysis.


There is no denying that lack of research and poor strategy can push your business to bankruptcy despite additional funds. So, it’s important to develop a positive ROI strategy for each finance option, whether you choose to self-finance your growth or to revert to investors and private lenders.