How to Get Your Christmas Gifts For Less

How to Get Your Christmas Gifts For Less

Christmas festivities are just around the corner and it’s no secret that everyone is feeling the pressure of buying Christmas presents and this pressure often leads to bad decision making and overspending. It’s really important to have a plan for your Christmas gift buying. You may be wondering why are these seemingly negative statements are being made on the biggest festival of the year; Christmas is all about giving right. Well, let me put some facts on the table here and leave it for you to decide what your next move would be on this Christmas.

An average consumer spends around $500-$700 on Christmas and according to consumer counseling agencies, a 25 percent increase was noticed in the number of people seeking help in January and February who were being haunted by the credit card bills. Another not a very fun fact is that 30-40 percent of millennial shoppers haven’t paid off debts even from the last Christmas. I strongly suggest you don’t let this happen to you, there are ways to avoid overspending and still win the hearts of the people you love on this Christmas, here are a few ways to save money this holiday season and get your Christmas gifts for less.

  • Make a shopping list.

I can’t stress on this enough, make this the first thing you do before starting your Christmas shopping. Make a list of people you would want to buy gifts and keep it as concise as possible, you can’t possibly please everyone around you so why not buy happiness for the people you love the most.

  • Set up a budget

Figure out a total amount of money you can afford to spend which you can easily pay off later on. In short, don’t bury yourself under a debt that would haunt you like the ghost of Christmas past later on.

  • Shop Online.

Going online for your Christmas shopping is a great way to find gifts at great prices and you can compare prices on a number of stores and get the best prices possible. Another great thing about going online for shopping is that online stores offer hefty discounts, voucher codes, and cash backs on certain credit cards in the holiday season like Quidco and also check out sites like Troopscout, that offer discounts for armed forces members.




  • Start early and Stick to the plan

It happens to almost everyone, we make all the plans, lists and budgets but because of the lack of time due to last minute shopping, it creates kind of panic situation which spills cold water on everything you thought you would do. So start your Christmas shopping early, stick to your plan/budget and see the magic it does for you and brings a perfect holiday for you and your loved ones.

In the end, it all comes down to the very spirit of Christmas spirit which is giving so don’t forget to share the love and donate some gifts or money that you saved by these tips to the ones in need. Humanity comes first so let’s celebrate that as well on Jesus’s birthday. 