Tired of having a toothless smile?

Tired of having a toothless smile?

There are several different reasons why people can lose their teeth. An accident in which your tooth got knocked out could have occurred. Maybe you were playing hockey, or maybe you simply tripped up whilst walking. Some people’s teeth last for most of their lives, but fall out later in life due to not being taken care of properly. Sometimes people’s teeth can fall out simply due to old age.

Whatever the reason you may find yourself toothless or flashing a gap, gettingdental implants in Herefordshire could be the answer for you. There are a variety of different types of treatments available to you when considering getting artificial teeth. It is advised to speak to your dental practitioner and find out which option suits you the most.   

What are implants?

Animplant is an incredibly small screw constructed of titanium that is inserted into your jawbone. Occasionally, when it is considered that there is not enough jawbone for the screw to secure itself to, you will have to have a different treatment first. This consists of letting your gums grow around a small metal fixture that has been placed under them and then attaching the implant to this instead of your jawbone. However, the most common type of implant you are likely to need is the prior, a small titanium screw. This will enable you to have false teeth fitted onto it.

One implant can fit more than one replacement tooth, so for those of you who are missing several or even a whole set of teeth, do not worry. You do not require one implant for every tooth you are missing. You could choose to have a full set of dentures fitted onto them, or maybe crowns.

The good news is that once you have your artificial teeth, they could last an incredibly long time if they are taken care of. If you get replacement teeth your dentist should inform you of how to care for them and answer any questions that you may have. 

Can you get implants on the NHS?

If you are worried about cost, then it is a good idea to discuss your options with your dental practitioner. Affording dental treatments can be difficult sometimes, but your dental practice may offer a monthly pay scheme or be able to organise a dental loan for you. Having yourimplants covered by the NHS only happens in very rare cases, where the patient is unable to have alternative treatments or proves that they have a medical need to have implants. If you need implants because you were involved in an accident then the NHS may cover this as well, but you will need to ask your dental professional to know for sure.

Why you should get artificial teeth

People are struggling daily with self-confidence issues that are caused by their inability to flash their smiles to everybody with pride. Some people are insecure about the gap they have where they are missing front teeth, whilst others are frightened to even have a proper conversation with someone because they are so self-conscious that they have no teeth at all. Getting replacement teeth allows people to feel confident when socialising as well as smiling, so do not hesitate in requesting more information about implants today.