Worried about your child wearing a brace?

Worried about your child wearing a brace?

Five benefits of early orthodontic treatment

It is rarely a good day at the dentist’s when you are told that your child needs a brace.

While braces on children are extremely common, many parents feel conflicted about having this treatment performed on their children. After all, your child may feel discomfort while wearing a brace, it may cause them to feel socially isolated and, of course, they will probably not be too happy with you for a few weeks once the braces are fitted.

As unpopular as you may feel deciding that your child needs to have that brace fitted, there are many advantages to undertaking early orthodontics in Weybridge. So, before deciding that it will be too much hassle to get your child back to the dentist to have the braces put on, consider the following advantages of brace use in children.

Easier treatment

This may seem a vague analysis of any dental procedure, but any orthodontics from Weybridge that your child undertakes will be easier due to their age.

As adults, the teeth are set firmly in place, making any kind of brace or aligner less effective at moving the teeth successfully. However, in relation to children, their jaws and teeth are still pliable, and so, moving teeth around is unlikely to cause as many secondary issues to the mouth’s structure.

Also, as this treatment is easier to undertake as a child, the time required for completion is shorter, meaning that your child may not need to wear a brace for an extended period.


Of course, early orthodontics near Weybridge will stop your child’s teeth from setting in a crooked or misaligned position.

However, the use of a brace in a child can also prevent issues from occurring later in life. Indeed, issues such as jaw positioning, arch development and even facial symmetry can be helped with the use of braces. So, there is more to this procedure than just obtaining a straighter smile!

Improved air flow

Jaw development can impact a child’s airway.

If your child’s dentist recommends a brace to expand the arch at the top of the mouth, it is worth considering how this treatment will impact your child’s breathing long-term. Indeed, studies have found that work on the upper arches in the mouth can improve the airflow to the lungs, and can prevent issues like obstructive sleep apnoea from occurring.

So, once again, a brace is not just about correcting crooked teeth; you can be setting your child up for a lifetime of decent sleep!

Reduction in trauma

Protruding or misaligned teeth are more likely to cause damage to the inner cheeks and the tongue.

Any parent who has had a child fall over knows the impact that children take to their faces and so, if your child has a protrusion or misalignment, the risk of a more severe injury is increased.


As an adult, braces are expensive!

As a child, treatment is shortened and many dentists offer reduced rates for children. In the future your child will thank you!