Worried about discomfort under your oral implant?

Worried about discomfort under your oral implant?

Symptoms that are typical post-implant fitting

So, you’ve had oral implants fitted and are concerned about a sensation under one of your newly fitted prosthetic teeth.

Having oral implants fitted is both a brilliant and unnerving experience. After all, few people know of many people in their friendship or family circle who have had this treatment performed, leaving you to wonder if what you are experiencing in those first few weeks after the fitting is normal.

While your dentist is likely to have given you an aftercare sheet, it is important to be able to identify when a sensation is normal, or when it represents an underlying issue that requires medical attention.  Of course, you want your implants and new teeth to last as long as possible and so, like most things in life, it is best to be prepared for every eventuality.

Therefore, what is considered normal one you have had dental implants in Birmingham fitted and what is indicative of requiring further medical treatment?

What is common post-implant fitting

Here are four things you can expect after you have had dental implants nearBirmingham.


While subjective, it is normal to experience a bruised sensation after your oral implants are fitted. Indeed, discomfort similar to a dental extraction or a root canal is perfectly normal and should resolve itself in a few days. Take care to not eat any hard foods, spicy foods or hot beverages to avoid aggravating the sensitivity of the implant site.


Bleeding is also fairly common and should be expected for a few days after a fitting. Many patients noticed bleeding when brushing their teeth or after a meal. Like the discomfort, as the gum heals, this should reduce.


Many patients panic when they notice the site around their implant is seeping.

Like a deep injury to the skin, seepage is a part of the healing process and, as long as there is no offending odour or unusual colouring (yellow, orange or green), this is nothing to worry about.


Minor bruising is typical around the implant site, but if you notice the bruising getting worse, seek medical attention.

What is not common post-implant fitting

Here are four atypical things to keep an eye out for post-dental implants from Birmingham.

Intense discomfort

If you are in pain that requires over the counter medication a week after the fitting, seek a dental appointment. This is abnormal and can suggest an issue with the implant fitting or an infection.

Foul odour

A foul odour in your mouth is not normal and is indicative of an infection; if you notice this, seek medical attention immediately.


As mentioned earlier, if you notice pus seeping from the implant site, you need to see a dental professional as soon as possible. Pus indicates an infection that will require treatment with antibiotics.

Extreme discolouring

If your implant site is getting darker in colour, appears blue or dark purple, it is worth booking a trip to your dentist, even if you are not in discomfort. Happily most people do not have these types of complications, and just go on to enjoy their new found dental freedom!