The personal advantages of physical assuredness

The personal advantages of physical assuredness

 It has long been believed that hard work will get you far in life. But there is a strong contender looking to replace hard work. Thanks to the modern society we live in, you need more than hard work to drive success – you need prime physical attractiveness, too.

Physical attractiveness forms the backdrop of success whether it is pursuing romance or a professional career. It is not just jobs in the highly visible entertainment industry where physical attractiveness counts, jobs in sales and other people-facing roles also offer a higher chance of success if you are considered good looking. Why is physical assuredness so important?

Our image-focused society has learnt to associate a pleasing appearance with positive, highly desirable personality traits: greater intelligence, more confidence, competency, friendliness, kindness, trustworthiness and a disposition more likely to attain success.

These personal advantages are not merely hearsay, but have been proven by scientific studies to be believed. In one such UK study, that investigated the effect of physical attractiveness, 84 per cent of those interviewed were of the opinion that bad looking teeth diminished a person’s looks. It is almost always the case that being unhappy with one’s appearance leads to low self-esteem and a lack in confidence which hinders one’s employment prospects and success in social settings. This may be why more and more adults are looking into investing in orthodontic treatment and this trend has been made all the more appealing with the availability of retainer-based clear braces Windsor.

Measuring the value of a smile

The positive associations of smiling expressions have added a different dimension to having healthy teeth – in addition to the mechanical function of grinding food to feed and nourish the body, properly aligned teeth offer an aesthetic value that has far reaching consequences for overall health (dental, physical and psychosocial) and well-being.

It is not just the positive influence on others where the smile can be a vital factor, but for the person on an individual level, too. It is said that when a person smiles, it has a corresponding effect on their mental state. The physical act triggers a mirroring effect, promoting feelings of happiness. It is as thought the smile is a reminder to the body to be happy.

The more readily a person is willing to show off a beautiful smile, the more this is indicative of a strong, positive and optimistic mental attitude. Mental well-being is nurtured by connecting with other people and building good relationships, taking a greater interest in physical activities to boost health and fitness, helping the brain to learn new skills, displaying acts of kindness towards others and practising the habit of mindfulness (staying in the present). Smiling can help with building one’s social circles, which promotes a sense of belonging and raises self-worth.

By being supported by mental well-being, a person is better able to cope with whatever comes their way – managing stress is a lot more attainable and there is a greater possibility of them finding more joy in life, as opposed to seeing the proverbial cup half empty.

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