Increase your online presence

Increase your online presence

Times have changed when it comes to dental marketing, and print marketing no longer cuts it if you want your practice to get noticed. People are usually searching online now when they need to find something, so if you do not have an online presence it will only get increasingly more difficult to get new patients through the doors of your practice as time goes on. There are a range of techniques that can be put into place to help you establish a top spot on Google so that potential patients can find your website straight away, but it’s also important to make sure you have all the other areas covered too, so that once they have arrived at your website they decide to stay, or even better, recommend your practice to one of their friends.

What techniques can be used?

To really be able to gain and maintain new and existing patients through your website you will need to ensure that a series of marketing techniques are being carried out successfully. A majority of these revolve heavily around Google, as this is the world’s most used search engine, dealing with over three billion searches every day. 

A professional blog on your website will be extremely helpful when it comes to climbing towards that number one spot, with regularly posted, carefully worded SEO focused articles boosting your website’s rankings by a great deal. Having other websites host articles that contain a link to your practice’s website will also help when it comes to bringing additional traffic to your website, as people are more likely to click on a link provided by a website that they already trust.

Ensuring that your practice is linked to Google Maps and that it has up-to-date information such as opening hours, phone numbers and an address will enable people to find your practice a lot easier, as they can get directions at the hit of a button or call you up immediately without having to wade through lots of other information or input information into another device such as a satnav.   

Benefits of marketing techniques

Having someone maintain and update your website for you will not only save you copious amounts of time, but will increase your chances of succeeding when it comes to increasing your website traffic and online presence. Ranking high up in Google’s search engine results will increase the amount of people who visit your website. Most people who are searching for something never scroll past page one, so if you are not at the top there is a higher chance of you going completely unnoticed. Patients who visit your page are more likely to recommend it to other people who could be potential patients if they have had a positive experience on your website, so effective marketing will lead to an increase in word of mouth advertising too. Having your webpage linked to Google Maps with a phone number, address and other additional information will increase the number of patients that are phoning you when they are in a rush, as they are more likely to hit your ‘call’ button than scroll through other websites trying to find a contact number.