Straight teeth is the key to dental health

Straight teeth is the key to dental health

It is fast becoming known that teeth alignment is an all-important key to optimal dental health and improved quality of life. With each passing day, more and more people are turning to Invisalign Welwyn to straighten teeth to boost dental health, improve dental function and create a warm and winning smile. The swell in numbers of happy patients globally has reached the 10 million mark increase.

Orthodontic issues that go unaddressed creates a number of challenges for the affected persons and opens up threats to not just dental health, but overall health that includes physical and psychosocial wellbeing. It may be difficult at first to draw the distinction between straight teeth and quality of life but this becomes clearer when looking at just what the all-encompassing benefits are when teeth are aligned properly.

Rewards of straight teeth

A better bite

For patients with malocclusion problems who experience pain and discomfort when biting and chewing, orthodontic treatment can be a real life-changing experience. These patients benefit from relief from pain, improved digestion and nutrition and a healthier, stronger body.

Easier oral hygiene

One of the remarkable benefits of orthodontics is to remove obstructions or difficulties in cleaning teeth. Crooked teeth are found to be a nightmare to clean because of the ragged edges that catch floss thread or the hard-to-reach spaces that are just out of reach of the toothbrush bristles. By bringing teeth into natural alignment, all these difficulties are removed and proper brushing and flossing keeps bacteria and plaque build-up at bay.

Healthier teeth and gums

Oral hygiene is not just for the elimination of bad breath but is largely responsible for healthier teeth and gums too. Clean teeth disturbs the environment in which bad bacteria flourishes and without high levels of bad bacteria present, there is very little chance of plaque forming on teeth. Teeth health is maintained and this is important for keeping gums in top condition too. The Oral Health Foundation deems a healthy mouth, a worthy asset.

Protects teeth

Teeth must not only be kept clean but also protected from damage and orthodontics play a role towards this goal too. Teeth that protrude are a dental hazard for a few reasons. For one, the protrusion heightens the risk of teeth being knocked out in case of facial trauma. Secondly, there will more than likely be a case of wear and tear on certain areas of the dental arch, leading to fractured teeth.

More confidence

Improved confidence levels are fast becoming one of the more celebrated aspects of straightening teeth. What is the relation between raising confidence and orthodontics? Orthodontic treatment benefits clear speech (crooked teeth can create speech impediments) which improves the confidence of those who were shy to speak in public before. Enhancing dental appearance for attractive smiles raises the confidence of those too embarrassed to smile widely because of crooked teeth or large spaces in between teeth.

Seen in the wider context of improved oral health and function and how this works to the benefit of mental health, it is easy to see why straightening teeth is indispensable for achieving overall quality of life.