Treatment when you need it most – Emergency dentist Dublin

Treatment when you need it most – Emergency dentist Dublin

If you find yourself in need of immediate care, please get in contact with your nearest emergency dentist Dublin. Everyone understands the many hurdles and that can put people off treatment in an urgent situation so please get in contact for further information.

What differs between a standard dental procedure, albeit an uncomfortable one and emergency dental care is the window for effective treatment. Many dental procedures will become less effective if they are put off. For emergency dental care, this is particularly important, with delays in care often resulting in a need for extraction or invasive treatment.

Sudden discomfort

Usually the first and most pressing symptom patients find themselves with is sudden unignorable discomfort. Unfortunately, by itself, that’s not particularly helpful for diagnosis although the majority of clinics will endeavour to make a preliminary diagnosis over the phone in order to speed up the triage and help you get the services you require as quickly as possible or direct you to hospital surfaces if required. 

Even if there is no obvious damage, cracks and chips can be in awkward to spot places or between teeth and it is best to get an all clear rather than waiting till an obvious cavity forms and more significant treatment is required. For minor cracks and chips as scale and polish and fluoride sealant is likely to be appropriate compared to having to undergo a full filling or possible crowning. 

Cost and dental payment cards 

It is well known that financial limitations can be one of the barriers to good quality care. Under section 469 of the Taxes and consolidation Act 1997, clinics can provide 20% tax relief on many restorative treatments including crowns, veneers and implants if required. 

If you are entitled to dental care via the pay related social insurance scheme, you should still check how all clinics will honour it, providing the expected one free dental check-up per year and either a deep gum clean or scale and polish at a significantly reduced cost, depending which would be most appropriate for you.

Some will offer 0% interest financing services applied to the total treatment plan but in order to be quoted, you would have to attend a consultation. But it can help break up the costs of an unexpected bill, making you more manageable as part of your normal expenses.

It also allows you to get access to your full treatment after paying a deposit with the necessary flexibility for your budget not to limit your health.

Dental aversions

Deep concerns and dental aversions are the leading underlying causes behind severe dental conditions. It is the delay in receiving treatment and the extent which patients suffering from dental themed anxiety will go to to stay out of the clinic that ultimately results in the poor condition of their oral health and a need for substantial and extensive reconstruction.

IV sedation techniques are often used by surgeries who prioritise their patients’ experience. For those most in need of treatment, there is often a requirement to use sedation where it would not be deemed medically necessary, but without a sedation option treatment, many patients would struggle. If this sounds like it would be useful to yourself or a family member please feel free to pass on information.