The Top 5 Ways You Can Save Yourself From A Bad Hair Day

The bad hair day. We all have them – and if you haven’t had one for a while, you’re probably due one! For some people, they really aren’t bothered about it – they just put a hat on and get on with the day. But, for others, a bad hair day can seriously knock their confidence. It may sound dramatic, but if you’re spending all day worrying about your hair, it isn’t good for your self esteem and it also distracts you from the rest of your day. Thankfully, there are a few little tips out there that can help you say goodbye to bad hair days forever.

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If you suffer from very dry hair, braids can be a lifesaver. Or, perhaps you just woke up late and are rocking the ‘frizzy bedhead’ look. Either way, braids can be your saving grace because they actually work better in drier, more brittle hair. If you have freshly washed, silky hair, braids are likely to simply slip out as the fibres in your hair aren’t holding them together.

Now for some, hair accessories might be considered a little bit third grade, but don’t stop reading just yet! They can actually help you out in a big way if you are struggling with unruly hair – especially with bangs. There is nothing worse than a piece of hair that just won’t lie flat, no matter what you do to it. Instead of frying it over and over again with your straightening iron, why not simply push it back with an Alice band? Go 60s chic with a little velvet number, or embrace your inner rock chick with a rolled up bandana.

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Dry shampoo
Chances are you’re already using this product on a regular basis – and if you’re not, why aren’t you?! Dry shampoo is perfect for keeping your hair looking fresh between washes. Plus, the market for this product is advancing too, meaning that you can now get different variants of dry shampoo. You can get some with added colour, some with different scents and some add volume to your hair.

Struggling with hair that just won’t do what you want it to? Blending your natural hair in with a set of remy hair extensions can hide a multitude of sins and will give you gorgeous, swishy hair in seconds. Look online for tips on how to clip them in so that they seamlessly match your own hair.

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If you frequently have your hair dyed, but couldn’t make it to the salon in time, you may become a victim of the dreaded roots. One easy way to hide your roots is to either put your hair in a messy bun or to curl your hair. Straight hair reveals the line where your natural colour is growing through, whereas curled hair breaks up this line, resulting in a more natural look. If you have a little more time on your hands, but still not enough to make it to the salon, why not buy a root touch-up kit? Easy to apply and natural looking to boot, they are a great time and money saver.