Growing Your Own Food For Total Beginners

Growing Your Own Food For Total Beginners

There are so many reasons to start growing your own food. If you have your own place, and you care about your health, growing your own food can be a dream!

Not only can you save money on your shopping bills, you can also live a healthier life. You’ll know exactly where your food is coming from, so you’ll feel confident that it’s totally healthy with none of that nasty stuff that food companies often add. Here’s some advice if you’re a total beginner…




Invest In The Right Gear
Having the proper gear to begin growing your own food is important. You could start out with any old bits of kit, but you’ll make your life so much easier if you invest in good trowels, gloves, and other essentials.

Choose The Right Fruits And Vegetables To Begin With
Some fruits and vegetables are easier to handle at first. You might want to start with a couple of easy ones before you move on to more complicated seeds and things. Some of the easiest things to grow include carrots, green beans, tomatoes, and zucchini. If you want to do more than grow fruits and vegetables, you’ll need to be willing to invest more money and purchase more equipment. Many people like to source their own eggs with chickens. For this, you’ll need a chicken coup and other equipment to get started. You can find more info here.

Make Sure Your Soil Is Prepared
Make sure your soil is nutrient rich, and the right type for growing. It shouldn’t be too thin, or you might end up disappointed with your crops in the long run. Clay soil is usually one of the best, but it can be too wet in winter.

Avoid Planting Near Competition
Avoid planting anything near a large tree or another plant that could end up as competition for your veggies. They won’t grow big and juicy if you don’t pick the right spot for them. If you don’t have anywhere suitable in your own garden, you could always find an allotment!

Ensure A Consistent Water Source
Ensuring a consistent water source is a must for your vegetables. Make sure you keep to a schedule. There are apps that will alert you if you need to be reminded.

Plenty Of Sunlight
The things you decide to grow will need anywhere from 6-8 hours of sun a day. Make sure you plant them in the ideal location for this.

Protection is important if you live in an area with less than ideal conditions for growing. You have a few options, but one of the easiest could be investing in a hobby greenhouse. You have total control over the conditions this way!

Weeds And Pests
Weeds and pests will make it more difficult to grow quality crops. Make sure you focus on getting rid of weeds before planting, and keep pests at bay by making the environment less than ideal for them. You should keep grass short and the area tidy.

Have fun growing your own food!