Tips To Enjoy Your House Life Without Renovation

Tips To Enjoy Your House Life Without Renovation

Often, homeowners remember with nostalgia the day they bought their house: It was when the house still felt homely. However, how you feel in your house, and whether you can turn it back into a home has nothing to do with big renovation projects. You don’t need to add an extension to the conservatory for the house to be homely again! But you need to make sure that your house works for your health, both physically and mentally. A house that makes you feel good, a house where the heart is is a real home!


Home sweet home

Better Kitchen: Love Starts With The Stomach

How you feel depends highly on what you eat and what energy fuel you are giving your body and your brain. Unfortunately, for many, what you eat is often limited to what can be prepared in a matter of minutes with a microwave oven, or even what can give you an immediate rush of energy and comfort. In short, processed meals and packs of biscuits are high on the list of what you put in your kitchen cupboards. It’s important to move back to a healthy food regime, not only because your fitness levels depend on it, but also because junk food can cause more than a few extra pounds. Indeed, processed foods contain additives that sit on your tasting buds and gradually damage your tasting abilities. Additionally, junk foods are responsible for sugar rush and loss of concentration, which can in the long-term cause depression. In short, make your house a place of healthy eating for your sake! You can start by exploring healthy alternatives to your favorite foods so that you can still indulge but rediscover the real taste of life!


Better Bedroom For A Sound Sleep

You spend around a third of your life in your bedroom, so this is a room you can’t ignore. Your bedroom needs to help you to recharge your batteries and get up feeling refreshed. This starts with researching the right mattress for your body. As your body changes over time, it is important to change your mattress every five to eight years. To stay local to the UK, Vi-spring is one of the premier mattress manufacturers and offers a lot of options for different body types. Take a look at vi-spring mattress alternatives and other brands to understand what is available on the market.


Think Purposefully

Think of each room has one to two core functions. For example, your bedroom is for sleep and sexual intimacy. Your kitchen is for cooking and eating. And your living room can be for eating but is primarily for relaxing. Establishing the purpose of each room in your house is a great way to recentre your energy and your furniture. Your brain will naturally feel better in a room that is clearly designed to serve its purpose, such as a bedroom that contains only a wardrobe and a comfy bed. However, when you start adding elements that are not part of what the room is for, such as a TV in your bedroom, for example, your brain isn’t able to process the information properly. To put it clearly, the simple fact that there is a TV in your bedroom can be confusing your brain into thinking that this isn’t a room for resting, and consequently you won’t be able to feel fully refreshed in the morning. So think purposefully for a homely house!