Why Are You Putting Off Your Home Renovation?

Why Are You Putting Off Your Home Renovation?

Home renovation is not something to be entered into lightly. It’s a big ask, requiring you to juggle time, family commitments and a budget – all in the pursuit of an improved home. It’s rarely simple, either; we’ve all had those home improvement moments where nothing is going as it should. All in all, it makes sense to procrastinate away from it.


The problem comes when you procrastinate away a huge amount of time, to the point where nothing much is being done. It happens to everyone occasionally. We spend more time lamenting the fact we have not made the changes we were intending than we do actually fixing anything.


Getting the motivation to finally step up and do the work we acknowledge (repeatedly, to ourselves, without acting upon it!) we need to can be a big leap. We can even convince ourselves that we’ve gone without those changes we need for a long time now – so they can’t really be that urgent, can they?


If you’re in need of a kick to finally propel you towards DIY and away from just telling yourself you need to do it, then let’s blast the two most common “reasons” we tend to use when we’re putting things off.


“It’s too much mess.”


No one likes living in a building site while you are completing renovations. It’s a simple truth, and there’s no way of persuading you that it’s not going to be a problem. It will be; you will hate it; you will find yourself trampling dust through every corner of the house. It’s not fun.


But the problem is that it’s never going to be fun. There’s no revolution coming where you can install new kitchen units without having to empty every drawer. You can’t be in the midst of changing a conservatory roof without putting the area out of action and having to decamp the storage you have there. And sadly, there’s no way you can lay new flooring in the bedroom without having to move every bit of furniture to do so.


So if it’s going to be a problem dealing with the mess, that shouldn’t stop you – because it’ll always be a problem. Why don’t you just get it over and done with?


“It’s too expensive.”


There are always alterations, savings, and adaptations you can make to lower the cost of renovations. It might mean you have to haggle, spend time shopping around and get more quotes than you anticipated, but it is possible.


If you just keep saying it’s too expensive for months on end, then you need to look into saving. A standing order is the best way of doing it; every month, an amount set aside vanishes into a savings account before you realise it. After awhile, the money will have built up, and you’ll finally be able to progress forward. Keep the amount low, so you don’t run short of funds for everyday living, of course – but make it substantial enough to make your home dreams a reality in a short amount of time.