Non Traditional Ways Of Saiting Your Wanderlust!

Non Traditional Ways Of Saiting Your Wanderlust!

When most people get itchy feet, then tend to book a weekend away somewhere, or a summer holiday, and that is enough to satisfy them. But some folks just want a little bit more! They not only want to see the world but they want to be really involved in it too. They aren’t as much tourists as explorers in the true sense of the term, and you might just find them doing something like the suggestions below.


Charity Treks


One way of seeing the world and getting really involved with the local culture is to do one of the many charity treks that are on offer. These usually involve walking, cycling, or even running across some exotic and sometimes difficult terrain. If it was too easy then I guess folks wouldn’t want to sponsor you for the trouble of doing it now, would they?



It is the terrain that you get a true change to experience what life is really like for the people that live in that area. As well as meeting some of the locals along the way, and sampling some of their cuisine too.


Volunteering Abroad


It’s also possible to see the world while doing your bit to help out the community that you visit. A great way of doing this is by joining a volunteering scheme, of which there are many to choose from.


You could find yourself building a school or orphanage in Africa or teaching English to kids in Eastern Europe. If you have specific skills such as medicine or dentistry you could even join an organisation like Medicine San Frontier and help those experiencing medical crisis in the less developed parts of the world.


Food Tours


Another less traditional way of satisfying your wanderlust is to book you a vacation that is totally based around experiencing the authentic food and culture of the location that you are visiting. There is no better way that to learn about a place that you are in than to immerse yourself in the everyday culture associated with food and drink.


Of course, it’s some serious fun as well, especially if you are a bit of a foodie anyway. You could even take a course in how to cook food, authentic to that particular location.


Digital nomads


Lastly, a very modern way of getting that wanderlust under control is to set yourself up as a digital nomad. This is when you use your computer and an internet link to work digitally instead of attending a physical job 9-5.


Without the constraints of a daily job, but with the benefits of a regular wage, you are free to travel to any location at any time that your heart desires.


Of course, travel isn’t always the cheapest activity to do, and you do need to time your trips correctly with enough work in between each move to finance your next steps.


But just think of it, you can work anywhere. Like a park in Russia, or a mountain in Switzerland. Then when you are finished for the day, you are free to explore all the location that the location you are currently in has to offer like bars, walking tours, landmarks, festivals, and museums!