Get Your Garden Ready For Fun-Filled Summer Parties

Get Your Garden Ready For Fun-Filled Summer Parties

Summer is just around the corner which means we can indulge in a classic British tradition; the garden party.


You can’t let summer go by without having one, and here are a few ideas to help you host the best one ever:

Install Outdoor Lighting

The beauty of an outdoor party in summer is that the days draw out for as long as possible. So, you’re going to be bathed in sunlight for the majority of your party throughout the day. However, there’ll come a time where it gets dark, and you don’t want to end the party when everyone is still having loads of fun! So, you need to install some outdoor lighting to brighten up your backyard. There are loads of different options here, but my favourites have to be outdoor lanterns or fairy lights. Simply because they help you create lighting that’s not too imposing and doesn’t blind everyone. You get the little twinkle of the fairy lights and the dim glow from lanterns dotted around your garden. It feels like the twilight hour and will help you keep the garden party in full flow for a good few hours at least.

Get A Fire Pit

A fire pit may sound like a pretty menacing thing, but it’s really just a bowl shaped thing you can put outside and start a fire in. All you have to do is get some dried logs, chuck them in your fire pit, and you’re good to go. Now, you can start a nice little bonfire in your garden to help keep everyone warm when the sun sets, but the party carries on. Plus, it’s perfect for toasting marshmallows on or cooking other things too. This means you can get any kids at the party involved too – find me a child that doesn’t love toasting marshmallows, I challenge you! All in all, a fire pit is a great addition to your garden parties this summer.


Install Patio/Decking

It’s hard to host a garden party if you’ve just got a garden filled with grass and nothing else. Where is everyone going to sit? Sure, you could try and be quirky and get everyone to bring picnic blankets and have a garden picnic, but I don’t think many people will be keen on this idea. So, you need to have an outdoor seating area, which means picking between patio or decking. There are pros and cons to each, it ultimately comes down to what suits you and your home. What I will say is that decking is easier to install but requires way more maintenance. Patio comes in many different styles but is costlier. It’s up to you, the important thing is to install a seating area for your guests to sit.


Now, you’re on your way to a great garden party this summer. All you’re missing are your outdoor chairs, tables, and other furniture. A BBQ would come in handy too, you could grill food on there, then finish with some toasted marshmallows on your fire pit.


Keep these ideas in mind, then call your friends over for a fun-filled summer party!