Soak Up The Sun In A New Garden Seating Area

Soak Up The Sun In A New Garden Seating Area

Summer is almost upon us once again so your thoughts will have no doubt turned to your garden already. But as well as making sure it looks its best for the warmer season, you might also like the idea of creating a nice little seating area in it where you can sit down and soak up all that summer sun! It doesn’t take too much effort to get your seating area all done and dusted. And there is now plenty of time to get it done before June rolls around. Here are some great tips that can help you make a winning garden seating area.


Pick A Good View


If your garden is on different levels, you should try and pick a place for your seating area that has a great view. More often than not, this will be one of the higher areas. If your garden is on a level, there may not be any areas that have a preferential view. But you can always place your seating area next to your prettiest garden patch, for instance close to some really colourful flowers!


Think About Flooring


You can of course simply place your garden furniture on your garden lawn, but this could cause some problems. If it rains for a couple of days, the lawn will become very wet and soft, and the chairs might sink down into the grass when you try and sit on them, even if it has been dry that day! So, some people prefer to add some hardwoods and softwoods to create decking or a concrete patio. This will then ensure your seating area is sturdy enough for all your garden furniture, and that the weather will never ruin this area for you.



Consider Some Shade


Most people create garden seating areas so that they have somewhere where they can soak up all the sun in summer. However, that doesn’t mean it should be completely without any shade. Ideally, half of the area should be covered in shade so that you have somewhere to cool off if the sun ever gets too strong. You can create this shade by placing your seating area close to trees or by investing in a parasol that you can put up whenever it gets very hot!


Get Some Weatherproof Furniture


I’ve already mentioned that the weather can sometimes spoil an outdoor seating area. And another reason why the weather can spoil it is that it can damage certain types of garden furniture. However, you won’t have to worry about this if you invest in some top-quality weatherproof garden furniture. This sturdy furniture won’t rot or rust when it is left out in the elements all the time. You can also improve its protection by giving it a coating in the necessary weather sealants.
So, as you can see, it can be ever so easy to create a great outdoor seating area in your garden. And these useful tips will help you make one that you will no doubt use for years to come.

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