How To Make Your Home Safe And Child Friendly

How To Make Your Home Safe And Child Friendly


If you are expecting a baby, one thing that you will quickly learn is as that as soon as your child starts meeting other children, those children will be coming over to your house to play. It may be that you meet other parents at events and you decide to set up playdates, or that by the time your child is old enough, they will organising them on their own. In any case, when a parent is sending their child to your house to play, they are implicitly saying that they trust you with their child for as long as he or she is there. This is a big responsibility. However, as every parent knows, it is impossible to prevent every accident, whether it is a grazed knee and some tears or a bump on the head. Every kid gets scratches and bruises at one time or another. It is just part of growing up (and if you have sons, they will probably be proud of their bruises and compare them with the other boys at school). In any case, as long as your child and their friends are going to be playing and causing mischief, you should consider how to make it as safe as possible. There are lots of obvious things to think about such as keeping cleaning products out of their reach and so on but there are also a few things that you may not have considered. Here are a few ideas to make your home safer while still being child-friendly:

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Having adults over will seem so easy once you start preparing for children because once you start looking for possible threats and dangers, you will start seeing them everywhere. For example, does your TV remote have an easily removed back? If a child gets to the batteries, they can swallow them and choke. This goes for all sorts of small toys as well. Do not be surprised if children want to put everything in their mouths. Sigmund Freud, the Viennese psychoanalyst, argued that children do this as a natural part of their development. There are lots of dangerous things to be found in the kitchen as well so you should keep cutlery and any other sharp objects in cupboards high enough for the children to be unable to reach them.

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Keeping your home clean will also help. Why not try a home cleaning service to make life easier for you?

Children will likely want to be outside, especially if it isn’t raining. There are lots of things to be wary of out there as well. For instance, young children will have no problem eating mud or anything that they find that crawls around. Watching them carefully is crucial. Also, since you have your own child and they will be playing in the garden all the time, a long term improvement that you may want to make is replacing any hard surfaces like concrete with something that will better cushion their fall. Paving Centres now offer all sorts of surfaces appropriate for children.
One last thing to consider is a new piece of tech that can save a lot of trouble: thermostatic mixing valves attach to your taps and mix hot water with cold to ensure that when it comes out, it is never at a temperature where it may scold your child. Such injuries take only seconds to happen so preventing them beforehand is a good idea.