From Show Home To Sanctuary: How To Make A New House Home

From Show Home To Sanctuary: How To Make A New House Home

There’s no place like home. For most of us, even when we’re sunning ourselves on an exotic beach with a pina colada in hand, home is never far from our minds. When you buy a new house, it can take a while to create that homely atmosphere and turn a pristine show home into a sanctuary you can’t wait to retreat to at the end of the day. If you’ve recently moved, this guide will give you some tips to make your new house feel more like home.

Your unique style

If you’ve got a blank canvas, this is your chance to inject your unique sense of style and design a home that suits your personality and showcases what you and your family are all about. By all means, get inspiration from magazines and the Internet, but don’t feel like you have to embrace a trend just because it’s lighting up Instagram at the moment. If you love shabby chic or vintage Parisian decor, don’t feel like you need to opt for Scandinavian simplicity because it’s having a moment. Mix and match, have fun and choose themes you love.


Furniture is not just about finding practical storage solutions. Choosing pieces is also a chance to dress your rooms and channel a theme. If you’re looking for new furniture, think carefully about the style you want to go for. Are you searching for designer furniture for that boutique hotel vibe in the bedroom or are you after a quirky 70’s style coffee table for the living room? Before you buy anything, have a look around. You can shop at homeware stores, search online, and take a trip to vintage shops, car boot sales, and reclamation yards. If you need some new furniture, but you don’t want to spend a fortune, consider trying to revive tired old chests and wardrobes and give upcycling a go. There are some great guides and video tutorials online.

Personal touches

It’s relatively easy to make a new house look gorgeous, but a home isn’t just about the colours you choose for the walls or the tiles you select for the kitchen and bathrooms. It’s about creating that warm and cosy atmosphere and making the house into a place that enables you to relax and have fun with your friends and family. You don’t have to cover every corner of the wall with family portraits or adorn the sofa with personalised cushions, but a few simple touches will go a long way. Hang some frames or canvases, put a sign of the children’s bedrooms or invest in some initialled mugs. Use accessories like cushions, throws, blankets, and rugs to give your home that comfortable, lived-in look.

Have you moved home recently? If so, you may be working on turning your brand new house into a cosy home. It can take time for a new pad to feel like home, but you can accelerate the process by putting your own stamp on the design, choosing themes and styles you love, and adding personal touches.