Giving Your Home That Authentic Log Cabin Look

Giving Your Home That Authentic Log Cabin Look

The log cabin look is a style that we all aspire to; it reminds us of cosy evenings during long, cold, winters, and looking out the window at the snow but feeling lovely and warm inside. It’s a great style to have your home resemble, but it can cost a lot of money to get that much sought after classic look. You could move to a log cabin, but you may have to sell everything you own and a couple of organs. And if you live in a terraced house in the middle of Birmingham, it can be a bit of a struggle when it comes to the aesthetics, but there are ways to get around it. It’s all about getting that feel. And it doesn’t have to cost too much either!


The Walls & Ceiling

As the name suggests, a log cabin is usually made of logs! You can get that texture to your exterior walls by going for log panelling. This gives you the rounded shape and the feel of it regardless of the material your walls are made of. For your interior walls, it’s very easy to get some covering and still give it that rustic feel. You can get V-joint panelling installed in a horizontal way in an earthy colour, like knotty pine or red cedar. The look is completed by painting the walls in shades like walnut, blue-grey, or sandy colours to give you that outdoor appearance. If you want to go to the next level, cover your ceiling in the same material and install some faux wooden beams to give your interior that real cabin look.

The Furniture

For the outdoorsy look of a log cabin, wood is your best bet! Tables, chairs, bookcases, and cabinets are all great choices. But you need to choose styles that feature unfinished wood or have darker shades that can mix with your room easily. In the areas where you sleep, oak bedroom furniture can add that cabin style. Even bed frames made of rough wood helps too. For sofas and chairs, leather is usually the best bet for that upholstered feel. If you’re not into leather, you can opt for natural materials like wool or flannel instead. Patterns work great on furniture, and stripes, plaid or patterns that are animal in style work too. Go for woodland wildlife, like bears, deer or any other types of woodland animals.

Your Flooring

Wood flooring is the obvious choice, and if you want to make your home look like a log cabin, it is the only choice! You can go for traditional hardwood; it gives out a very warm and natural look which will fit in great with that whole cosy vibe. But if you’re stuck for cash, you can try laminate flooring that resembles wood. The appearance is not bad, but it’s better than vinyl when you’re trying to squeeze the pennies. Go for a graining style like cherry or hickory and finish it with a stain like honey or mahogany. Plank flooring is a good choice over strip flooring if you want to get that cabin feel. The planks are a bit wider than the standard strip flooring (they’re normally around 7 inches), which really helps with the rustic look. Add some rugs to the floors, and you’ve got a good balance of earthy and warm. Hand-hooked or even Navajo-style designs will give your home the authentic cabin look and feel. You can purchase a faux bearskin rug of course, but it may be going one step too far if you have vegan and vegetarian friends! In the kitchen or bathroom, wood doesn’t work as well, but if you want to change it up, stone tiles like travertine or slate help to give your floors some added texture.

The Accessories

For the real log cabin feel, antiques are the way to go. Cast iron items look great in the kitchen, and pottery can add another layer to the rustic-ness of the place. For the lighting, fixtures that look like lanterns is a simple approach, and get some artwork that has brown tones, and pictures of ducks and woodland creatures will help. The log cabin style is a rare thing nowadays, and it hasn’t gone out of fashion, but with modern and ultra-modern designs proving so popular now, some people don’t find the look attractive. But we look back for inspiration in our designs, not forward. The log cabin look is a vintage style that is actually quite trendy now, and for a look of sheer comfort, it would be harder to find anything better.