Age Is But A Number: Four Things To Look After As You Get Older

Age Is But A Number: Four Things To Look After As You Get Older

Aging is a big concern for so many of us, and in fact, the irony of worrying about aging is probably likely to age us quicker! And while we’re being bombarded with tips on looking younger around every corner, is there anything we need to keep an eye on while we are getting on? Even if you’re approaching 20, 50, or 100, there are pillars of health to keep an eye on.


  1. Your Mouth Health

It’s not just your teeth that you need to look after, but of course, having your own teeth will make life easier in so many ways, your mouth health has a bigger role to play in your health than you realize. If you don’t have a good dentist, you need to get on the books of one as a matter of priority, because only they will tell you the best ways to keep your teeth and mouth as healthy as possible. Places like Inspired Dentistry should have the whole package for your mouth health, from fillings to root canals, and giving your teeth a clean and polish. They will be able to tell you if you’re doing everything you can to look after your teeth and mouth, and if you aren’t flossing, it’s time to do so. Not just for the health of your teeth, but flossing has been shown to add years to your life by removing plaque that can enter the bloodstream and cause buildups in your arteries, which can contribute to heart disease or a stroke.  

  1. Your Mind

It’s a concern of getting older, the cliché of leaving the handbag in the fridge or forgetting where you left your keys, and we all want it to be the last faculty to go, not the first. So what can we do to keep our mind nimble? Much like our body, the brain needs exercise too. So do something to challenge yourself and get those brain connections working. A positive sign of your brain building connections is doing something that you find very difficult, and while it’s frustrating, it’s making your mind pedal harder. So learn a language or do a difficult crossword.

  1. Your Joints

We all complain about our joints clicking, but by having optimum joint health, it is a good baseline for your physical health. So if you wanted to embark on a strict exercise regime, you need the anatomical foundation. You can help yourself by taking supplements, like glucosamine, and eating food that is rich in collagen, so things like marrow, or by making your own “bone broth.” Consider support such as knee sleeves if you suffer from arthritis pain.

  1. Your Happiness

Apart from cancer, depression is the big epidemic being tackled in the mainstream, and thankfully people are speaking out about it now, but it’s important to note that for those who are elderly, feeling isolated is also very common. We can all feel lonely, despite how old we are, so it’s vital that you reach out to people and establish or maintain social relationships before you end up retreating inwards, mentally and physically.