Creating That Home Office You’ll Never Want To Leave

Creating That Home Office You’ll Never Want To Leave

The world is shifting; it is becoming more flexible than a champion gymnast. In case you’re wondering what we mean by this, we mean more and more people are working from the comforts of their own home than ever before in human history. It’s a pretty awesome perk to have at your disposal. Yet, we bet if you were to look up from your screen right this second and scan your space – your home office – you’d bit hit by the awful realization that it is as boring as that cubicle you worked in at your first job.

All that freedom you have and you’ve been squandering it. It’s crazy. So, to help you out a bit, we’ve come up with some little tips, tricks, and bits of advice on how to make your home office as perfect as possible.

Ergonomic Rules

If you’re going to be in this small corner of your home for 50 hours a week then you really want it to be the epitome of comfort. You just do. That means having your computer screen at the right height to reduce eye fatigue. It means making sure you forearms are parallel to the floor. It means investing in that dream chair you can’t imagine a life without, that one with the adjustable everything and – what feels like – duck down stuffing. Your comfort is crucial. If you want to incorporate this with modern interior design they go for it. So long as you remember what the priority is here, which is you by the way – your back, your eyes, your everything.

Let There Be Light

There are no two ways about it, natural light is the best source of light. It’s not just because you’ll still get a healthy dose of Vitamin D (which is always good), it is because it will also encourage you to look away from the screen every so often (which is also good). However, while the Au Natural option is best, never ignore your lamp situation. Overhead just isn’t going to be satisfactory, we’re afraid. You want a table lamp that can offer you all your glowing needs.

Comfort Zones

You’re going to be spending the majority of your time at your desk, we know this, it is why we emphasized your need to get a super chair. However, you’ll probably want to have a place you can get all comfy to read or plan or think, or just escape for a second. A nice comfy leather chair should do the trick, one that has a matching foot rest, or even a sofa that you can kick back on and gather your thoughts for a minute or so. Having a comfort zone is one of those things you don’t get to revel in while in a corporate office. But at home, well, you can do what you like and this is one of those things.

Green Is Good

It is a scientific fact that plants lift people’s moods and you are a person. So jump on this fact and bring a little piece of the great outdoors inside. Get a couple of houseplants to dot around your room. Plop one on your desk and one over beside your comfy chair. The reason why we are saying houseplants, by the way, and not some other living thing – like fish – is because houseplants are easy to look after. They can easily go a few days without watering, which will help you separate your working life from your personal one. You can enjoy long weekends without once having to worry about entering your office.