The Season’s Hottest Footwear Trends

The Season’s Hottest Footwear Trends

High heels are great for glamour, but who can honestly say that they wear them all day every day and don’t spend their days counting down the hours until they can take them off? The good news for those who hate heels is that flats are firmly at the forefront of footwear trends this season, with styles to complement every outfit. Give your feet a treat and invest in some of the best flat footwear trends this season.

Image: Pexels

The new trainers

Trainers are no longer something you just wear to the gym – sporty footwear is a key fashion trend. Even the most glamorous of fashion bloggers will show off their on-trend trainers from time to time. Brands like Converse, Puma, Nike and others are incredibly popular, with pastel colours and metallic detailing to suit all styles and tastes. You can explore some of the best current trainer trends here to make sure you’re kitted out for the season. Comfortable footwear has never been so on-trend!

The return of the mule

While heel mules look set to be popular, the flat mule is also set to become a popular feature in many wardrobes. They’re very comfortable to wear and are a breath of fresh air from common summer sandals which can be tired after wearing for months on end. Flat mules in leather or with embellished details are a great look to pair with jeans or with a cute summer dress and will make a good alternative to heels for a wedding outfit.

Stylish sliders

Once deemed an ‘ugly shoe’, sliders are another style from the past that is making a comeback this season. A more formal and grown up version of the flip flop, a slider is ideal for taking on holidays or for casual outings and are designed to be a ‘slip on’ shoe that you can throw on as needed. Choose leather, beautiful metallics or even fluffy styles that have been popular lately and you’ll have the ideal accessory to your overall look.

The low wedge

Wedges are great for adding height, but they’re not always great if you’re unstable on your feet. Lower wedges give the illusion of some extra inches, but they are extremely comfortable to wear. Perfect for a night out or date night, you’ll walk that little bit taller and with extra confidence with that bit of heel added in.

The flat boot

If you’re heading to a music festival this summer, then a flat boot is perfect. Tough and sturdy and perfect for that boho vibe, they look great with shorts or floaty dresses. Not only that, but they’ll last through until the winter months, making them a great footwear style for all year round.


Flat shoes are a great wardrobe staple that can be worn at any time, and make a nice change from smart heels or tall boots. When building a basic, but stylish wardrobe, make sure to include some flats that can be worn in many ways and you’ve everything you need for a great outfit of the day, every day.