Your Mummy Skills Can Mother A Business Too!

Your Mummy Skills Can Mother A Business Too!

Having a career alongside raising your children sometimes seems like a bit of a pipe dream. When you’re donating all the time you can to make sure your kids are cared for, and then using the rest to make some much needed money month by month, it feels like you have no time left to yourself at the end of it. However, a lot of virtues come out of this kind of situation. You see, what you learn in your parenting life can be applied to a working life! So when it comes to having dreams of taking the reigns of your own career, don’t let your schedule hold you back. It’s time to run your own business as the mummy superhero you are; here’s some tips to get you started.



You Can Juggle Multiple Tasks at Once


If you have a child, or more than one, you’re going to be able to complete multiple activities at once. You can shop for your groceries whilst keeping your kid happy in the cart, and you can write up your next blog post whilst cooking dinner in the meantime. Either way, there’s a skill to explore here…


If you can multitask, and you can multitask well, you’re going to be able to run a business by yourself with little input from outsiders. Of course you’re going to need some advice, but all parents have a good idea of common sense around them, so you can save this for the harder periods.


There’s Funding Sources Out There for You


And there’s a lot of capital out there for people in the situation you’re in! When we start a business, it’s going to be small and basic in its model. However, it doesn’t have to stay that way when you can find a lender you know cares about your dream and will enable you to get bigger and bigger.


Look into small business loans for women gov to find the solution for you. Maybe you’re not making as many products as you want to, and you’ve decided it’s time to make some good money back on your passions. It’ll work out for both you and your family when you’re making money you deserve!


At the End of the Day, You Can Inspire Others Too!

When you’re a parent and business owner at the same time, and you’re making plenty of money to support yourself and advertise about it all at once, it’s time to tell the world. Make sure you’re using social media to inform your friends and family, and most importantly, show them the light!


Show them that being a mum is no reason to be held back, and there’s a lot being a mum can teach you about navigating the treacherous waters of the business world. You’re part of a whole subset of corporations after all!


You’re a mother to your children and now you’re a mother to network too. Use your parenting skills to your advantage by staying in charge elsewhere.