How Being A Mum Can Prepare You For These Careers

How Being A Mum Can Prepare You For These Careers

Being a mum completely changes you. You’re literally a whole new person when you’ve got a new person to look after. Someone who is going to rely on your for everything right from the very beginning. Most mums go onto maternity leave for a minimum of six months before returning to work, but most moms don’t like the thought of returning back to their old job. It could be hard, boring, terrible hours etc. But luckily for all you moms, the skill set you’ve gained from becoming a mum can actually prepare you so well for different careers. That’s what we’re here to explore today, if you’re looking for a new career, have a read and see if these careers would suit you. A lot of them might require a retrain, but we guarantee it will be worth it.

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If there’s one thing that moms know how to do, it’s how to diffuse a situation and  lay down the law within a household, especially when there are multiple children involved. You’ll face arguments and fights on a daily basis, turn into an investigator to find out who broke the glass in the kitchen, and you’ll be the one they turn to for help and advice. So what other career is more perfect than law. Slater Heelis’ legal services is just one area you could look at to see what line of law you could go into. You’d spend your days fighting someones corner, using evidence to back the case up, and be an ear for someone to tell all of their troubles about a situation. When you win a case it’s so rewarding as well! Again, you would have to go back into education and get a degree, but the money would definitely be more than worth it with this one.

Freelance- Blogging

This one is a pretty hard one to work up to, but it doesn’t require any form of degree, and you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home. This can be done as either a little side hustle, or you could even turn it into a full blown career if you become successful enough. It is possible to be successful enough to fund a very nice lifestyle. Some bloggers are earning so much money from what they do, they don’t even have a second job! All you need to do is follow a guide like this one, and make sure you’re doing all the right things in terms of sharing to your social media and engaging with other bloggers. Being a mom arms you with plenty of stories and advice to share with your readers.

Progressing To Management

Managing life at home with a little baby, and the stress of finding a new job and settling into it, can be all too stressful for some moms. The comfort of going back to their old job is much more appealing. But, staying at the bottom is not what a mom is destined to do. A mom is armed with reasoning skills, problem solving skills, major multi-tasking skills, all of which can be used perfectly in a management role. All you need to do is work hard at your current job, and don’t be afraid to apply for a management position should one come up. It might be a bit of a waiting game, but it’ll be worth it.