Getting out in the garden… at last!

Now that summer is finally here – hurrah! – we can really start to make the most of our garden! We will still need to spend some time keeping it under control. But that’s fine, I love to potter!

Although, my husband suffers from hay fever, so he’ll need to make sure that he takes a nasal spray like this to keep the symptom at bay whilst we maintain our garden! I’m not doing this on my own! Haha!

There are a few important jobs that we’ll need to make sure that we do during the summer:


As soon as I spot a weed, the gloves go on and I’m pulling them up! We’ve tried weed killers, but they just don’t seem to do the job (if you have any weed-killer favourites, do please let me know if the comments! If there’s a super-weed killer that i’ve missed I need to know about it!)


If you have a bird bath, it can get pretty disgusting if you don’t keep it clean. Who wants to have a bath in algae-infested water??


We only have a small lawn, so this doesn’t take long as all. It’s important to keep the garden looking neat, and having a nicely mowed lawn really does make the difference. We do it every couple of weeks in the summer


Pruning and deadheading plants doesn’t take very long as all, and helps plants to thrive. Cutting back bushes that are just getting too big for the garden is important too. Even if it looks lovely, it can still take over!


The pests come out in summer and they are hungry… rabbits, slugs… you name it! Homemade or shop bought pesticides/deterrents are a great way of getting them to stay away!