Maryland: Five Things To Do

Maryland: Five Things To Do

Maryland is a place which is often associated with the King himself, Elvis Presley. However it is a place which offers much more than a reminder of this fallen income, it has many merits and reasons why you should visit this amazing place.


If you want to take a trip to Maryland this year, stay in the Courtyard Chevy Chase hotel, buckle up and try some of these great activities.




1.National Harbour


The National Harbour offers a wonderful place for families to wander, go shopping and to eat some great food. To can take a walk on the waterfront, visit the many shops which line the street and then finish off the day with a trip to the Ferris wheel which overlooks the entire area. It is a wonderful way to spend the day with your family and enjoy some magical sights.


  1. Take a walk on the medieval side


If you love history and have always been fascinated by sword fights, the round table and all things Camelot, you can enjoy all of this in Maryland as you step back in time to a medieval land. You’ll get to eat a feast at the castle arena, watch people take part in jousting matches below, and see falconry and dancing horses first hand. It is a fun way to learn more about life in medieval times, and it is a great excuse to dress up in fancy clothes for the day!


3 Visit Baltimore


Baltimore is an area in Maryland which is thriving with maritime history. If you love everything about the see, you can enjoy a visit to this stunning little place and experience the sea life at first hand. You can learn about maritime history in the museum, walk down cobbled streets and drink at cute cafes, and enjoy a trip to the seafront where you get to ride on a water taxi. Oh, and don’t forget the array of fresh seafood you’ll be able to eat at the restaurants in the area!

4 Go to a concert


With the musical background, this state has, it is no surprise that there are many amazing music venues for you to enjoy during your stay. During the summer months, you will be able to enjoy a rock and country concert like no other at the Merriweather Post Pavilion. There are also plenty of free outdoor concerts you can visit during the warmer months which you can enjoy while you sunbathe in the grass.

5 AFI Silver Theatre

You might think that the last thing you want to be doing when you go on holiday is watching a movie, but this movie theatre is different to the others in the area and it allows you to enjoy some amazing vintage films. They even have festivals throughout the year dedicated to different genres or to upcoming films which haven’t been aired in other theatres. It is a great experience and will allow you to spend a rainy day doing something fun with the family.