Use Your Home to Support Your Fledgling Blogging Career

Use Your Home to Support Your Fledgling Blogging Career

When you are trying to grow your blogging income, owning your own home is a major asset. You probably already feel that way, since you are building equity and not throwing money away on rent. However, your position is a homeowner can actually help you increase your income without getting a job. That, in turn, can help you focus on your blocking until it becomes profitable enough to support you. If you aren’t already doing so, it may be time to consider how your home can help you make more money.

Running an Airbnb Can Allow You to Double-Dip

Running an Airbnb is a great way to make a little money. If you have a spare room, you can rent it out for hotel-level cash on a daily basis. That gives you control over who stays and for how long. You get to set when you accept reservations, and you have the opportunity to meet unique people in a comfortable setting.

Running an Airbnb can provide an opportunity to blog about your business ventures and draw more traffic to your site. This is a relatively lucrative side gig for many people, so blogs and writing on this topic remain relatively popular. Not only do you make money renting the space, but it also helps you build your blog at the same time.

Work on Home Design and Capture Each Step

Before you can start renting out your home – whether it be long term or short, you may need to update your living space. After all, it takes money to make money. There are mortgage plans to release some funds and allow you to get started on your fixer-upper in no time. Not to mention, you can document the entire process. Be sure to take before and after pictures, share your research, and display your efforts to remake and fix up your home can help you build steady traffic to your blog.

Rent Out a Spare Room Or Space In Your Garage

If having different people in your house all the time does not appeal to you, there are other ways to make money off of extra space in your house. Again, if you have a spare room, whether it’s the whole finished basement or an extra bedroom, you might consider renting that to someone. If you really hate the idea of having someone living in your house, you can also rent out storage space.

Part of your attic or basement, provided you keep it safe, could be used by someone else for low-cost monthly storage. That’s a passive income that you don’t have to do anything to earn. You could also rent out space in your garage, which can net you decent money. Whether it’s storage space for boxes or keeping a vintage vehicle dry, your garage can be a source of passive income as well.

Any extra space you have in your home could potentially make you money. The only limits are your own creativity and the restrictions your lifestyle generates. If you are starting off as a blogger, using your home as a source of income can help you stay financially stable while you establish yourself.