Cosmetic treatments for improved health

Cosmetic treatments for improved health

Many people tend to believe that having a cosmetic dental treatment is purely for aesthetic purposes. It is true that they provide patients with a more appealing smile, improved confidence and allow them to share a confident smile with the world, thereby helping them in social and business activities.

But it is also true that many of these procedures have health benefits as well, some providing restorative benefits and others allowing for further preventive dentistry to take place.

By speaking to a dentist in Mackay about the potential some cosmetic procedures may have on the health of their mouth, patients are able to make an informed decision about the benefits that  the procedure will have for them and weigh them up against the potential risks.

What are some of the procedures available that can improve the health of a mouth?

One little known treatment that is often used at Walkerston Dental in Walkerston for both cosmetic and restorative dentistry is gum reshaping.

If the gums rest too low or too high on the teeth, patients may be suitable for gum recontouring surgery. It is a delicate and precise procedure that dentists deploy in order to improve gum health and to expose more or less of the tooth.

It can be done before a crown needs to be placed on top of a tooth that has been cracked or chipped very close to the gumline. If such a procedure did not exist, then patients who have experienced a cracked or chipped tooth close to the gum line would have to have the tooth removed.

Proper planning is essential for this treatment, in order to make the final effect look pleasing, symmetrical and clean. Dentists have plenty of skill and are able to create a natural and beautiful line for their patients to enjoy their smile again.

Another cosmetic procedure commonly conducted is that of dental implants. These are offered to patients who have lost a tooth, many teeth or who have dentures that are becoming ill-fitting due to ageing concerns.

They are a permanent fixture in the mouth; the implant itself is something like a replacement tooth root. The jawbone fuses to the metal rod that is implanted creating a long-lasting and secure hold. This stabilises the jaw as well, whereas in other cases the jawbone may begin to recede.

The crowns or bridges that are placed onto the implants are very natural looking and are custom-made to suit the patient’s tooth shape, colour and size. Not only does it improve the confidence of a patient, but also allows them to enjoy eating, laughing and talking again without concern.

When a person loses a tooth, the entire mouth can be negatively affected through risk of infection, pain and damage to surrounding teeth from exposure to plaque and bacteria. Recent studies suggest that the whole body can also be negatively impacted by the loss of a tooth. Simply put, tooth loss can result in poorer nutrition which can have many implications for continued health.

By talking to a dentist about their options, a patient can improve the quality of their life drastically by restoring the quality of their smile.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.