Interesting facts about dental implants and why they will work for you

Interesting facts about dental implants and why they will work for you

Gossip that you have heard through the grapevine might include complaints about the cost of dental implants in St John’s Wood.

While it is true that the initial costs of implants are usually more than some teeth replacement alternatives, they are a lifetime investment that restores your quality of life, even more so than the likes of dentures and bridges.

In this article, we look at the many surprising benefits of dental implants and why you should consider them if you are missing teeth.

Implants are reliable 100% of the time

If you have ever worn dentures, you will know the embarrassment of your plate slipping out at the worst times. Implants are a permanent fixture in your mouth that only your dentist can take out. 

Implants, if taken care of properly, are not susceptible to wear and tear and can provide a lifetime service without restrictions. The same cannot be said for other tooth replacement aids, which need replacing every five or so years.

Eat what you like without experiencing chewing difficulties

Implants are substituted for the missing teeth at the root, which means that the replacement tooth takes on the role of a natural one, this includes chewing and biting into food.

Enjoy all the food you previously munched without worrying that your artificial crown might break or crack.

Entirely safe

People who have been wearing dentures for several years suffer from a dramatic bone loss, which can be seen by the sunken look of their faces. The bone loss is caused by tissue underneath the missing tooth not being stimulated enough by the pressure of eating, chewing and biting.  

A tooth replaced at the root will not only stop bone deterioration and tooth loss, but will help to recover lost jaw bone strength.

Risk of failing is low

96% of all implant procedures are successful, and the failure rate is lower than other replacement methods. This fact proves how strong, effective and reliable implants are.

In the long run, implants are not costly

Sure, the initial costs are more but they cost less in the long run.

Once, the treatment is complete, and the artificial crown is attached to the implant, you will need to visit your dentist for periodic check-ups.  Other than that, if you care for your implant with an adequate cleaning routine, you will not have to replace them over time.

Overall, a one-off payment will save you a lifetime’s worth of dental work and money.

Minimal pain

The greatest concern for people considering getting dental implants is the pain involved, especially when it comes to the surgical procedures.

Having metal posts drilled into your jaw bone is a big deal, but thanks to numbing gels and local anaesthetics, you will not feel much in the way of discomfort.

Following the treatments, you might feel some discomfort, which you can easily treat with a painkiller. If the feeling continues and progressively worsens, phone us urgently for a follow-up appointment.

You no longer have to live with a gummy mouth if you lose teeth. Invest in dental implants in St John’s Wood.