A smile worth sharing

A smile worth sharing

By having a smile that makes you confident, a feature that many people first see in others, then there is a possibility that more doors can open for a person than would be otherwise.  Unfortunately, there is a significant amount of unconscious judgement that occurs in society regarding an individual’s appearance and in regards to their smile, crooked teeth can symbolise certain qualities that are undesirable. If you want help with this then Invisalign Clapham might be the place for you.

According to a recent study, individuals with bad teeth are seen to be less attractive, less intelligent, trustworthy and successful. There is an underlying acceptance that those who do not have good teeth cannot afford to care for them and this class divide simply is not a reality like it was a few generations beforehand. 

With the access to oral health care that can be enjoyed by all and the options to finance for certain treatments, it is more of a conscious decision rather than an inability to properly care for teeth, whether it be regular check-ups, cosmetic care, replacing teeth or straightening them. 

Thankfully, there are many different teeth straightening devices available these days to suit the needs and expectations of different patients. A dentist will both examine the emotional condition and physical of their patients to help them to determine what kind of treatment will best serve their needs. 

In many situations, adults tend to prefer Invisalign Clapham because of the convenience and discrete way in which this treatment is performed. 

How does this treatment differ from the others?

This removable, clear aligner is simply placed over teeth and worn for around 22 hours each day for a few weeks before the next shape is worn. This process is repeated many times until teeth have been gradually pushed into their correct position. 

There are no restrictions on the food that an individual can eat because the device is removed during eating times, and the teeth are simply brushed and flossed before the aligner is placed back into the mouth. 

There are many advantages to this, including supporting people to eat healthier and snack less. It also gives more control to the patient, allowing them to feel that their teeth straightening journey is their own, born from their motivation and as results are seen, this is exciting and encouraging as well. 

For those who fear that their motivation might be lacking, then there are indicators that can be added to the device to help them, or parents, to ensure that the aligners are being worn for the correct amount of time. By discussing with a dentist what factors are important to them, patients are able to custom design their teeth-straightening experience so that it is a positive one.

Because millions of people have enjoyed the results that this treatment has to offer, there is a huge community and resource base available online that can quickly answer questions that individuals might have before and during treatment. So this means that not only is a dentist readily available to ensure that the process is working correctly for their patient, but the patient themselves can make sure they are making the most out of the experience as well.