Looking to improve the appearance of your smile?

Looking to improve the appearance of your smile?

If the answer to the question above is yes, then teeth whitening Macleod could be the solution you’ve been looking for! Tooth whitening is a popular form of cosmetic dentistry which works to improve the appearance of yellowed, stained, and generally discolored teeth to produce a whiter, more confident, and happier smile. In addition to producing striking cosmetic results, tooth whitening boasts a non-invasive, and fast-working nature, whilst producing lasting results patients’ can feel happy with. 

Could tooth whitening work for you?

If you’re an individual who is experiencing lowered levels of self-esteem due to stained or discoloured teeth, then this cosmetic treatment could be the ideal solution for you. Tooth whitening is an extremely popular option on a global scale and works to brighten the appearance of the patients’ smile, whilst welcoming a new lease of confidence too. 

What are the benefits?

Toothpaste, strips, pens, serve as just a few examples of the wide variety of tooth whitening products available on the modern market. Despite this variety however, these commercial products may not achieve the results advertised, which is why many patients’ search for a professional alternative! 

Why is it important to receive tooth whitening from a professional?

In addition to offering peace of mind by using either hydrogen or carbamide peroxide within the walls of a trusted dental clinic, professional tooth whitening is also delivered by a skilled dental healthcare practitioner to ensure no damage is caused to the teeth and gums. Furthermore, tooth whitening provided by a dentist serves as a fast and convenient alternative to fiddly and less effective home treatments. 

What causes teeth to yellow?

Every individual’s dental case is completely different, which is why some patients’ suffer from stained and discoloured teeth, whilst many boast a naturally whiter smile! Despite these differences however, yellowing of the teeth is completely normal, and is nothing to be ashamed of! In addition to daily wear on the surface of the teeth by consuming food and drink throughout the day, partaking in activities such as opting for acidic or highly sugary foods can unfortunately cause discolouration, and general wear.

How can discolouration be avoided?

For many, this yellowing is often unavoidable. However, there are things that can be avoided to maintain a whiter smile for longer. Consuming highly pigmented food such as coffee, red wine, and even curry can cause staining to occur. In addition, smoking tobacco cigarettes is another common culprit for yellowing teeth.

So.. What’s the solution?

Professional tooth whitening serves as the perfect solution to a discoloured smile: providing rapid and hassle-free results within the walls of a professional and comfortable clinic environment.

Is tooth whitening right for everyone?

Every smile is different, which means tooth whitening may not be suitable for every patient. Some patients’ who are not deemed suitable may be advised to address any existing dental issues first before they can receive this cosmetic treatment. For those that are given the go ahead, they can expect to receive dramatic results within just one visit to the dentist!

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.