Flavourly | get 10 craft beers for £10!

Flavourly | get 10 craft beers for £10!

I’m a beer girl.  Oh yes, I’ve loved the delicious taste of beer for many years; from the first swigs at family parties, to chugging down frothy pints in paper cups at festivals… yum!

And I do love a craft beer… the world of craft beer has opened my eyes to a mind-boggling amount of flavours and smells, and experiences.  I love trying new flavours and checking out new breweries, so when I saw an offer for a beer subscription box called Flavourly (I run a subscription box directory & review site called Lovely Little Box… you should check it out! 😉 ) where – as a trial box – you could get 4 craft beers delivered to your door for £4, I thought that was a bargain!  So I tried it out and they were delivered this week! 🙂

Each has a very distinctive flavour (as you would expect from a mixed selection!).  Brews from Swannay Brewery, London Beer Lab, Pin Up Brewing Co and Boulevard Brewing Co.  Nice.  My favourite was the honey brown by Pin Up… lovely and dark and caramelly.

Flavourly have another great offer on at the moment that I wanted to share with you: 10 Beers for £10 + Free Delivery!  You’ll get 10 different craft beers delivered to your door for just £10!  You can continue your subscription (it’s £20 after that) or you can just take advantage of this offer and then cancel the subscription.

There’s a world of craft beer out there – go and enjoy it! 🙂